Ugandan Archbishop Calls For Gay Apology

The Anglican Communion’s gay drama continues.

As some hint at a schism over gay inclusion, Uganda’s Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi says division can be prevented if pro-gay preachers simply apologize and fall in line:

The rift in the Church can only be bridged if the liberal bishops, espousing sexual perversion, repent and return to Christ’s teachings.

For us to come back together, it will take repentance and for them to abide by the Lambeth Resolution 10 of 1998 on sexuality. The resolution states that the Anglican Communion upholds the Biblical view on sexuality, but when these people went back to the US, they decided to disown it and do their own things.

And by “own things” Orombi means the ascension of gay bishop Gene Robinson, who has become the most divisive figure in Communion. We gays are always making an impression!