"Sin is Sin."

Ugandan Bishop Celebrates Anti-Gay X-Mas

Scrooge has got nothing on the Rt. Rev. Nicodemus Okille! The Ugandan bishop used his Christmas sermon to spread some good old fashioned homophobic rhetoric. From Uganda’s New Vision:

The bishop, who was delivering his Christmas sermon at St. Peter’s Church of Uganda Tororo on Tuesday, said the acts violate both the biblical teachings on marriage and African culture.

Okille criticized the advocates of gay rights, saying they had no place in the Kingdom of God.

“These are acts to question the ordinances of God. There’s nothing like ‘intellectualizing’ sin; sin is sin. How do you imagine a woman sharing the same bed with a woman or a man with a fellow man?”

Apparently Okille doesn’t have much of an imagination…

Okille went on to say that the church has an obligation to resist the homo scourge. Because Jesus would want it that way.