Ugandan Facebook Rapist Pretends To Be Gay To Avoid Deportation

Apparently John Ssewagudde, a 21-year-old Ugandan behind bars in Scotland, knows all about the “Kill The Gays” bill in Uganda. And he knows that for many gay Ugandans, seeking asylum in other countries might be their only hope of survival—a situation he’s eager to take advantage of.

After admitting on Facebook to raping a 28-year-old woman in her flat in Glasgow (he’s not the brightest rapist in the box), Ssewagudde is currently serving a four-year sentence. But in a bizarre turn of events, he’s now filed for asylum, claiming he is gay and if he gets deported after his stint in jail, he’ll be killed.

Wait. He’s in jail for raping a woman and now he says he’s gay? Bisexual maybe, but full-on gay? Or is he, more likely, just trying to avoid deportation?

According to The Daily Record, a source close to the case said

Ssewagudde is not gay. He is a chancer who is trying to exploit the situation in his homeland. Essentially he is trying to exploit the headlines from Uganda that have already brought the country international embarrassment. Given that he is a convicted rapist of a woman, there is a clue to his sexuality. He has brought disgrace to Ugandans in Scotland and he is dragging out the disgrace with his asylum bid.

On the one hand, it’s encouraging that more countries are realizing the genuine threat LGBT asylum-seekers can face in their homeland. But how can we prevent abuses of the system like this one?

Lord knows we don’t want to take Father Andrés García Torres’ advice.