Ugandan Police Investigate LGBT Org Break-Ins And You Can Help

Last we heard, thieves had broken into the secret offices of the Ugandan LGBT organization Freedom and Roam Uganda (FARUG), vandalized the workspace, and stolen five computers—one of which had FARUG’s member list. FARUG’s lawyers finally persuaded police to investigate the crime scene and the police noted that the acid used in the vandalism is a rare kind that might be easier to trace back to a culprit. But since then there’s also been a break-in at another Ugandan LGBT organization and a call for help.

Four days after the FARUG break-in, criminals also broke into the offices of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG… you gotta love the Ugandan acronyms)—no word yet whether they stole anything, whether the police have begun an investigations, or whether the two break-ins are linked. However the timing seems suspicious, especially in light of the hasty resurrection of Uganda’s “Kill the Gays” bill.

FARUG needs to hire a security guard, install cameras, replace stolen equipment, purchase computer backups, and install internet to get back into business. And so they have humbly asked for any financial, technical and emotional support you can offer.

If you have even a dollar to spare via PayPal, please take a moment and give. Just login to your PayPal account, click on “send money,” and enter as the recipient’s e-mail address. It takes only a minute and could help countless Ugandan LGBTs living in their hostile homeland.