Warns That Gays Endanger All Of Africa

Ugandan President Loves No Gay Loving Anglicans

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s on a homophobic roll!

Just last month the politico applauded his country men for coming out against the queers. Now he’s at it again, this time extending a warm hand to the Anglican Church, which recently bolstered its homophobic beliefs.

Said Museveni while attending the consecration of the Rev. Canon Patrick Gidudu, “I salute the Archbishop and bishops of Africa for resisting disorientation and a decadent culture, which he said was being passed by Western nations.”

The President went on to warn of the destructive gay ways: “It is a danger not only to the believers, but to the whole of Africa. It is bad if our children become complacent and think that people who are not in order are alright.”

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  • ousslander

    Yes as we all know the African culture of corruption, child soldiers and genocide are the way to go.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    When will the madness ever stop?

  • CitizenGeek

    Yes, because the Ugandan government has always been such a strong beacon of morality!

  • AJ

    Fascist savages.

  • afrolito

    Another post for the racists to spew their hatred.

    Thanks queerty!

  • AJ

    Fascist savagery is not a racially-determined characteristic but an ideologically-determined primitivism. There are more than enough “white” fascist savages in the western world to compensate for the “black” fascist savages in Africa and elsewhere. Savagery is a corollary of fascism. All fascists are savages.

  • Mr C

    Exactly, AJ and Afrolito

    But they won’t tell you how it is in Isreal and Eastern European countries, Protect them and make an issue out of everthing Black foreign and domestic.

    I just think Queerty likes doing this to bait their haters of Blacks who blog on here.

    EH’ It’s all good.

  • leon4youall

    The President of Uganda Bashes Homosexuals “mtumbavu (Swahili for stupid)”

    In a landmark to celebrate the first LGBTI court case worn by homosexuals in Uganda against the State and to mark one year of Media campaign by SMUG. Untimely the President of the republic of Uganda bashes homosexuals, by praising the Archbishop of Uganda for fighting homosexuals, “I salute the Archbishop and bishops of Africa for resisting disorientation and a decadent culture, which he said was being passed by Western nations.” Sunday Vision, 17th August, 2008.

    The head of state has the responsibility to promote indiscrimination against all people in the country including homosexuals. We strong believe such statements uttered by President of the republic of Uganda increase homophobia in the country. Saying homosexuals are not in order and stupid deeply hurts all homosexuals and increases fear, hostility for all homosexual people in Uganda.

    No person should be deprived of their constitutional rights; calling homosexual not African deprives us homosexuals of our rights to freely exist as citizens of the Republic of Uganda.

    Sexual Minorities Uganda would like to acknowledge his excellence as the president of the Republic of Uganda and kindly ask him to also consider homosexuals as people in Uganda and not to bash us. We are deeply disappointed in his support to the Church of Uganda’s crusade against homosexuality.

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