Warns That Gays Endanger All Of Africa

Ugandan President Loves No Gay Loving Anglicans

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s on a homophobic roll!

Just last month the politico applauded his country men for coming out against the queers. Now he’s at it again, this time extending a warm hand to the Anglican Church, which recently bolstered its homophobic beliefs.

Said Museveni while attending the consecration of the Rev. Canon Patrick Gidudu, “I salute the Archbishop and bishops of Africa for resisting disorientation and a decadent culture, which he said was being passed by Western nations.”

The President went on to warn of the destructive gay ways: “It is a danger not only to the believers, but to the whole of Africa. It is bad if our children become complacent and think that people who are not in order are alright.”