Uganda’s Ethics Minister James Nsaba Buturo Ditching His Job, But Not His ‘Kill The Gays’ Support


James Nsaba Buturo, the Ugandan ethics minster and humanitarian who proposed life imprisonment for gays over executing them, is leaving his post earlier than expected after losing his parliamentary seat in last month’s election — a loss he of course blames on those who support homosexuals, who championed his opponent. But Buturo isn’t going quietly, telling reporters on his way out the door: :I am leaving when the balttle against prostitution and homosexuality is still going on. I urge Ugandans to continue rejecting homosexuality. … Homosexuality in Uganda and Africa as a whole is a taboo. How can a man sleep with a fellow man or a woman with a fellow woman. How can they produce children?” Oh James, we’re going to miss you! Who else is going to campaign against the $20 million scheme from Westerners to promote gayness inside your borders?