Ughhhhh, Here Are Screengrabs Of Indiana’s Bestiality-Posting Antigay Councilmember

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Ohhhhhh geez, we didn’t want it, but we got it. A concerned citizen from South Bend has forwarded what they claim are the truly sickening screen grabs from the Facebook page of Henry Davis. He’s the South Bend City Councilmember who posted an image of a dog being sexually assaulted in order to draw attention to an (utterly false) article claiming that DOMA was somehow linked to bestiality.

We’re told by our source that they forwarded everything along to the local police for investigation, so authorities are on the case.

And also: take these with a grain of salt. There’s no way to confirm whether they’re real or not. There’s always a chance that some sicko faked them, or someone posted them from Mr. Davis’ account without his knowledge. We do not have confirmation from the Councilmember’s office that they’re authentic, but we’re posting them to show you what’s circulating in South Bend right now.

Meanwhile, the Councilmember publicly non-pologized at a press conference yesterday. Standing before a broken microphone with a group of ministers behind him, all he would say is that it was “an attempt to start a discussion on a reading that jarred my sensibilities.” So, does he think homosexuality and bestiality are related, is that why he was jarred? Or was he jarred by how homophobic it was? Or was he jarred by bestiality and for some reason that made him think about DOMA? Nothing in his statement really made sense. So, good job, everyone.

Mr. Davis, we should point out, is a Democrat. In fact, he opposed the passage of Indiana’s marriage equality ban.

It’s still a little unclear what he thought he was accomplishing by posting the image and article. His explanations are … kind of gibberishy.

Here’s what our source claims is the original post. “I am aware the picture is disgusting and way out of order but read the content in its entirety,” it says, which is consistent with media reports of the post.

henry davis 1


His followers immediately freak out. “It’s not true,” “I think you need mental help,” they write to Mr. Davis.

The screen grab purports to show Mr. Davis responding, “Why can’t I post stuff on my page that I want to post? Again, I think it is disgusting just like I think it is disgusting that slave owners raped their slaves and everyone is concentrating on the dog but forget about the man who has been getting raped or maybe that is an accepted social norm.”

Wait, what? What man is getting raped? Who? Huh?

henry davis 2


This image depicts Mr. Davis responding, “So you rather that I post some men hanging from a tree with their bodies smoking from being lynched? Look we better start in engaging in uncomfortable convo before we ended up in a situation we cannot get ourselves out of” … what? What are you talking about?

It’s like there are two totally different conversations happening here. What does this have to do with lynching? Why are the bodies smoking? What is the situation we cannot get ourselves out of? Because we are definitely in that situation now.

Later posts — and again, Mr. Davis hasn’t confirmed that they’re really from him — go on, “What’s ridiculous is that our children can be exposed to an over sexed society that makes them choose a sexuality before they can brush their teeth.”

And then later: “Challenge the norm and question the obvious.”

These are all very interesting thoughts, but once again: what do they have to do with a picture of animal abuse? Also, once again, what are you talking about? Who is making children choose a sexuality? Society may be over-sexed, but what is this “choosing” business?

This isn’t just an unexamined prejudice at work. It seems to be the product of a train of thought that veers uncontrollably from subject to subject.

henry davis 3


A source reports that they filed a formal complaint. Here’s the text that they sent us, emphasis ours.

After receiving 9 Facebook messages and 3 phone calls regarding Mr. Davis’ facebook post of the male engaging in sexual activity with a canine, I immediately went and looked for myself.  While the picture itself was shocking, to say the least, the article was even more disturbing.  Here we have the public page of an elected public official posting an article as fact for his constituents to see, when in reality, the article was completely false.  Not only is Mr. Davis an elected official, he has “common council” after his name on Facebook, and he issued a public apology to the city of South Bend, so I do hope that there is no argument that his page is indeed, his public government Facebook page and not his private one.  With that being said, everyone has access to his posts, everyone including our youth.  It is illegal to distribute pornographic images, including bestiality, to children.  The argument can be made that parents should be more aware of the time and places their child spends on the internet, including Facebook.  My response to that is, there should never be a time I need to censor a councilman’s Facebook page from my children.  Unfortunately, there is now.  The comments under his post were even more disturbing.  I am very in favor of people expressing their First Amendment, I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion and I would never condemn people for doing so.  My problem here is that an opinion was being passed on as fact…. as the article was not factual in any way shape or form.  Mr. Davis later tried to say he wasn’t trying to voice his opinion but rather just pass on information for people to see and discuss…. this was not the case as is proven in the comments following his post.  I also have an issue with the fact that when I share the link to this particular article, the picture that was shared on Mr. Davis’ page is not the picture that comes up when I share it.  I do see that the picture was embedded with the article, but am unclear if this was Mr. Davis’ doing, or where he might have found this particular image… Mr. Davis claims to work closely with the youth of the community and I am sure has those same youth on his Facebook page… and am wondering how he feels to know that they may have seen this image in their newsfeed.  I will not even touch on the fact that there was an equation made between bestiality and homosexuality, as I think it can be said that is absurd, and ridiculous.  I will be filing a formal complaint tomorrow, Wednesday January 28th, with the Council but wanted to share how I felt on the matter before doing so.  This is unacceptable.  If any one of you had done this, the reaction would have been the same, so please do not feel as though anyone is holding any bias or anger from the past in this situation.  I hope the Rules Committee does a thorough investigation after the complaints are filed, and something is done to ATTEMPT to remedy all of this.  Thank you for reading.  Have a blessed day and stay warm.

Here’s one more screengrab. When one person asks that the post be taken down and “find another way to make your point,” the image indicates that Mr. Davis responded, “I don’t have a point but our kids are being raped spiritually and mentally everyday and we say nothing.”

What? Just … what? Who is raping children spiritually and mentally? He’s clearly worked up about something but we just can’t follow this metaphor.

The whole rotten situation seems to be getting rottener by the second, since if these screen grabs are real, they indicate that this guy really does have difficulty putting a thought together. And again: WHY THE DOG?

henry davis 4

The last words purported to be from Mr. Davis in the screen grabs are: “If I can wreck my career off of one facebook post I never had a career.”