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Uh-oh! Bad news for Don Jr. and Ivanka Trump

Don Jr. and Ivanka Trump have clearly been relishing in their roles as the adult children of the American president over the past three and a half years.

While Jr. has used his platform to troll liberals on social media and campaign for his father, Ivanka has been busy working as a White House advisor and positioning herself for a possible run for office in the future.

Unfortunately for both, it appears their chances of ever having any sort of career in politics after their father leaves office are slim.

A new poll finds that voters overwhelmingly reject the idea of a Trump dynasty, with 61% saying they don’t support either Don Jr. or Ivanka ever running for public office.

A paltry 16% of respondents said they would support Don Jr. if he tried for a career in politics. Among Trump supporters specifically, the number was slightly higher, with 35% saying they thought he should give it a whirl. (31% said they didn’t think it was a good idea.)

The numbers were worse for Ivanka, however. Only 31% of her dad’s supporters thought her political future was bright, and 36% said she definitely shouldn’t bother, which is interesting since, between her and Jr., she actually has more experience than him.

As for the siblings’ popularity, 43% of respondents said their opinion of Ivanka had worsened and 50% of respondents said their opinion of Don Jr. had worsened since 2016.

This is definitely not promising news for either of Trump’s offspring, as both have flirted with possibly continuing their careers in the political arena.

Last year, Don Jr. told Bloomberg Radio’s Sound On, “I see what my father’s doing, and I’m just damn proud as an American to see those results and I’m going to keep fighting for him. I won’t rule it out for myself.”

As for Ivanka, while on the campaign trail in August, Trump said he thought she would make a great president and he regularly encourages his supporters to chant “I-van-ka! I-van-ka!” whenever he talks about who’s going to be the first woman president.

One day until the election, folx!

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