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Uh Oh, Colin Firth Is Coming For Rupert Everett’s Drag Roles, Too

With Rupert Everett slamming straight actors like Colin Firth for stealing all the gay roles that should’ve gone to him, and forcing Rupert into “drag” roles only, The King’s Speech actor isn’t going to be making any new British friends with his latest remarks. “I’m dying to be a transvestite or a stripper or a pop star,” says Firth. “They (roles) just don’t tend to come my way.” First he takes jobs away from Rupert playing gay and closeted in Mamma Mia!, and another when he played gay and out in A Single Man, and now he wants to take Rupert’s cross-dressing jobs too! I think the only thing that’s going to save this frenemyship — which blossoming while they shot 2002’s The Importance Of Being Earnest together, and then 2007’s St Trinian’s — is another doobie.

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  • Tallskin

    “A Serious Man”?

    Uh-Oh, the ditsy fashion airheads at Queerty have made another booboo!

    You’d think being such empty headed fashionistas that they would at least know the title of tom ford’s gay film!

    Guys, its title is: A Single Man. and the film is based upon Christopher Isherwood’s novel of the same name, and the novel is considered to be the first modern, self aware, GAY novel of this era.

  • Ruddigore

    Wouldn’t their “frenemyship” have started with “Another Country” in 1984 – the film (and stage play) that made them stars in the first place?

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