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Uh-oh! Lindsey Graham might be in serious trouble

Presidential lapdog Sen. Lindsey Graham is facing calls to resign after being accused of trying to pressure election officials from his own party into throwing out legally cast ballots for Joe Biden.

The Washington Post reports that Georgia’s secretary of state Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, was totally shocked when the antigay senator from South Carolina personally called him to inquire about signature matching, which he interpreted as a not-so-subtle ploy to get legally cast mail-in ballots thrown out in certain (read: Democratic-leaning) counties.

“During our discussion, he asked if … the absentee ballots could be matched back to the envelope,” Raffensperger told CBS This Morning. “I explained our process, after it went through two sets of signature match, at that point they were separated.”

“But then Senator Graham implied for us to audit the envelopes and then throw out the ballots for counties who have the highest frequency error of signatures. I tried to help explain that because we did signature match, you couldn’t tie the signatures back anymore to those ballots.”

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But it’s not just in Georgia where Graham has purportedly taken a sudden interest in mail-in ballots. The New York Times reports that he also hassled election officials in Nevada and Arizona, two other key states that tipped the election to Joe Biden.

To be very, very, clear, the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee is being accused of using his position to bully state officials into undermining democracy and throwing out legally cast ballots.

That’s a pretty big f-ing deal.

House Judiciary Committee member Rep. Hakeem Jeffries says Graham “may have crossed the line into illegality.” And Rep. Pramila Jayapal has gone to so far as to say he needs to resign.

“It has now been corroborated that he urged the Secretary of State in Georgia to find a way to throw out legally cast ballots,” she tweeted. “There must be accountability and justice for this dangerous attack on our democracy.”

For his part, Graham has called the allegations “ridiculous” and insists he was merely trying to “protect the integrity of mail-in voting.”

The New Republic notes:

It’s still unlikely that any of these efforts will change the results of the presidential race, let alone allow Trump to serve a second term. But the Republican Party is now going beyond the scope of soothing the president’s psychic wounds and towards seeking mass disenfranchisement on a scale unseen in American elections since the end of Jim Crow. Those who supported this effort or merely stood by while it happened should never be forgiven for their role in it. Of them, Lindsey Graham is uniquely beyond absolution.

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  • Mister P

    He should resign in shame for putting Trump above country.

    • stan2015

      Does Trump have pictures of Lindsey that would prove that he might be a __________

    • David Myers

      Stan P: More likely Putin has pictures. But also economic dirt . . . unreported financial “dealings” with russian oligarchs, just like his buddies, Trump, (current, but hopefully not for long) Senate Majority leader McClelland, and former House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Devin Nunes.

    • startenout

      As if he knows what shame is?

  • Mattster

    What business is this of Lindsey Graham’s? He’s not even a resident of Georgia, let alone an official there. Are we at a point now where every senator and member of the House just calls election officials of random swing states to badger them about how they count their votes?

  • Cam

    The reason Republicans are not afraid to commit crimes is because they’ve gotten away with it in the past. No more of this “We need to come together and move forward”, uh uh

    They need to be prosecuted for their crimes to prevent future politicians from trying this crap.

    • Smith David

      Sadly, Lindsay will get away with this egregious act amongst other vile acts in the ever grappling news cycle of the Trump era.

    • Doug

      Of course he will. Graham is a slimeball, and like everything else that has happened during the last four years, he’ll worm his way out of any wrongdoing.

    • Openminded

      I’m betting he walked right up to the edge of the line but legally never crossed it so he couldn’t be prosecuted. Obviously everyone realizes his intentions, but betting he never broke the law.

    • David Myers

      Hear hear!!!

  • Liquid Silver

    “No, I never said that.”


    And he gets away clean. He’s a politician, of course he gets away with it.

  • cuteguy

    This closeted Queen isn’t going anywhere bc she needs attention

    • Larry

      He’s shoots he scores!!!

  • trsxyz

    How does he sleep at night?

    • nathan

      With a nice young man probably!

    • bad monkey69

      With a rent boy & ladybugs

  • nathan

    Of all the Republican slimeballs he is the slimiest. He has spent 4 years enabling Trump in his corruption and illegalities – he is confident that he too can get away with criminal acts.

    • Openminded

      Another prime example of why we need term limits on all of congress

  • ShiningSex

    It’s funny (and sad) that the “anti-Gay” senator is in fact GAY!!!!
    He should resign for this issue. It’s illegal.

  • Prowelsh56

    SOMEONE, SOMWHERE MUST KNOW IS TRUE STORY. The secret is well protected.

    As for this disclosure: he is one of the most supercilious people alive today. He and McConnell have done such a discredit to us all.

  • jdr11201

    Bad, bad Lindsey,

    He like Potus should be prosecuted for foolish treasonous actions. This is a dishonorable man who follows trump indulgences potus whims.

  • BGreen1963

    It is long since past due that the press outs Lindsey Graham for his hypocrisy against the LGBTQ People. This well know closet case has been protected for way too long.

  • fur_hunter

    Miss Lindseybelle is a F UCKING A SS HOLE, SCUMBAG. He can eat S HIT and DIE!!!!

  • IndependentForever

    Graham will not resign. If this was a Dumocrat doing this shit, the Repukians would be screaming at the top of their lungs for them to resign and be prosecuted if possible. The idiot Dumocrat would resign. Repukians don’t resign even when caught red-handed. They come with the lamest of excuses and lies that a 5-year-old could come up with better. You will either hear nothing from the other Repukians of this OR they will back up Lyin’ Lindsay.
    That a state could send this lying POS back to the Senate for 6 years after how lying and hypocritical he has been the last 5 years more than baffles me. South Carolina’s school system must suck. Or, SC being a “religious” area just what the hell is being preached in their churches?
    Oh, and Lyin’ lindsay professes to be antigay but does anyone believe Graham isn’t gay?

  • jsmu

    Vlad the Impaler will prop her up. Leningrad LindseyC*NT is always safe as long as she does PUTINA’s bidding.

  • elemirion

    He should resign, and be indicted for attempted voter fraud and tampering. These guys have to learn they can not get away with this crap!

  • Joseph1971

    I thought “Lady Lindsay” was going to be outed by a current gay adult porn star and escort. What happened with that? I contacted that individual via email and Twitter and the response was that he was waiting for direction from his attorney as to how to proceed. Allegedly over 100 men who work in the porn or escort industry had been hired by Graham for sexual favors. Now, nothing but silence on the subject. So what is up with that?

    • barryaksarben

      Yeah, where are these sex workers and why the fear of this toad? The right must have a goon squad like the Proud Boys

    • Essie

      All these people were probably paid off by wealthy donors in exchange for Ms. Lindsey changing everything she had ever believed in to being a mouthpiece for Dump. It’s obvious. Also, Dump has film and he’ll use it if necessary. I’m sure Dump “suggested” that Ms. Lindsey call these states to “discuss” the votes.

      This is what happens to a man who has chosen to live his life as a lie. It always comes back to haunt you.

  • SteveM

    Not only is Lindsey Graham a closet queen, he’s a lowly sewer rat. He should join his parents in the sewer hole where they and the other Lindsey sewer rats are buried and die there.

  • Joshooeerr

    Interesting how most comments on here just assume LG will get away with this. It’s up to you guys! Make a fuss. Write letters, organise a petition, start a protest. These guys get away with it because everyone shrugs at the corruption and moves on.

  • Caine

    Lordy – how quickly ya’ all forgot the Lady G scandal? I dunno how he got re-elected after that…

  • fredk

    what dirt does trump have on this rentboy customer?

  • Kangol2

    If you read the Washington Post article about this crisis, it turns out that Raffensberger, a Republican, had aides listening in on the call when Graham urged him to break the law. So Lindsay’s denials will fall flat if this ever heads to court. He has been bad news for years, going back to his hissy fit at Clinton’s impeachment, but he’s become an absolute tool these past four years under Don the Failed Con.

  • Sparky101

    Graham isn’t “anti-gay”, he’s a self-hating homosexual.

  • michael_totzke

    I do declare! I am DYING to see Aunt Pittypat stripped of her finery; her bonnet; her cameo; her skirts & petticoats & granny panties … & TOSSED into prison.

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