UK Advocates Launch New Out4Marriage Online Campaign

Taking a page from It Gets Better, a new bipartisan campaign has launched in Great Britain that encourages gays, lesbians and allies to post videos in support of the UK’s new marriage-equality effort. officially launches today, coinciding with the Queen’s Speech—when HRH will mark the state opening of Parliament and spell out the government’s current agenda. (Liz won’t however, mention the ruling Conservative Party’s pledge to introduce equal marriage.)

Liberal Democrat MP Stephen Gilbert, human-rights activist Peter Tatchell, lesbian rabbi Ariel Freelander and out mayoral candidate Brian Paddick have all made clips “coming out for marriage” with new videos from politicians, celebrities and other bold-faced names launching in the weeks to come.

In her Out 4 Marriage video, Minister for Equalities Lynne Featherstone celebrated “people [who] love each other enough to commit to a lifelong vow, ‘till death do them part’. That should be exactly the same whether you’re straight or gay.”



Above, the grandparents of Pink News‘ Benjamin Cohen (one of the campaign’s founders) share their own video: Says  82-year-old David Green: “Two of our grandchildren are happily married. One of our grandchildren, should the occasion arise, I’m sure would like to get married but under the present law he would be unable to because he’s gay.”

Below, youngster Ethan Bourne explains he’s participating in Out 4 Marriage because “when I meets the man of my dreams and fall in love, I want to be able to marry him in a completely fair and equal society.”

We don’t know what’s cuter: Ethan sweet words, his posh accent or the line of cologne bottles he has lined up over his keyboard. He’s precious!



Photo: Bill Ingalls/NASA