UK Boxer Tyson Fury Apologizes For Homophobic Tweet, Blames Cousins

British boxer Tyson Fury admits he sent a homophobic tweet about another boxer but claims a followup one, which said all gay people should be executed, was a prank by his young cousins.

Fury confessed he posted a tweet about opponent David Price that read “David Price, I’m going to put you in intensive care, that’s for sure mate. And you know your gay lover Tony Bellew? He’s got to fight me in between the rounds as well. I want the two of you, you pair of tossers”

But the says the tweet that read “dont like gays shoul all b shot dead,” was written by a mischeivious relative.

“While I’m abroad on training camp I train three times a day often for two hours a time, and I haven’t got time to respond to all the people that ask questions. So I give my phone to my cousins at the camp,” Fury explained to the Guardian. “They’re only young lads and they give abuse back. Today I’ve come back and they were laughing about calling some people some names and whatever.”

Discussing recently out boxer Orlando Cruz, Fury wished the featherweight well on his title match on Friday (Cruz won), and said he’d like to take him for a beer. But he reveals he was “furious” about the prank and will make his cousins pay—on the canvas: “[I] am going take these boys three rounds in the ring [and] see if they laugh now,’ he tweeted. ”

Photo: Adamj1987