UK Builder Harasses Gay Man With Homophobic Threats, Cement Penises

File this one under “Homophobes Do The Funniest Things”: A contractor in Bristol, England, has been fined £200 (roughly $315) for using abusive language against a gay man and leaving cement penises outside his house.

Michael Parkes, 34, entered a guilty plea yesterday to using “threatening words and behavior” towards Richard Ives last March, reports the Bristol Evening Post. He didn’t appear in court, though—his attorney claims Parkes was still recovering from a broken ankle sustained when a co-defendant in the case pushed him down a flight of stairs.

The whole mess started last March, when Parkes was hired to work on a home next door to Ives and his partner.

Parkes and another builder were working on a house in Bourneville Road when a neighbour, Richard Ives, asked if he could take his washing inside before they started work.

“Parkes began acting aggressively and called him ‘a queer’,” said Ms Edwards. The court heard Parkes shouted and swore at Mr Ives, subjecting him to more homophobic verbal abuse. “Mr Ives went inside and then left the house to pick up his partner,” she said. “When they got back there was a piece of chipboard outside his house with a drawing of a penis and a homophobic slur written on it. There were also two models of penises that had been made out of cement, placed on his wall.”

And they say we’re obsessed with dicks.

Source: Bristol Evening Post via Pink News UK. Photo: Adrian Pingstone