UK Christian Group: There Aren’t Enough Gays To Justify Marriage Equality

The Christian Institute, a self-styled British morality police, has come up with a brilliant argument against extending marriage rights to same-sex couples: There just aren’t that many of them.

A recent government survey indicated 2.6% of the UK identifies as gay, lesbian or bisexual. While that statistic is being challenged by both gay-rights groups and their opponents, the Institute says it’s too small a number to be bothered with. “It is staggering that such a monumental change is being carried out on behalf of a tiny proportion of society,” spokesman Mike Judge told the Daily Mail.

Friend of Queerty Benjamin Cohen of the British marriage-equality group Out4Marriage rightly points out:

“Even if the lesbian, gay and bisexual population was as low as is claimed, why should that mean that LGBT people are entitled to less rights than heterosexual people. Jewish people make up less than half a percent of the UK population. Yet as a Jew, I have the legal right to get married, for that marriage to be conducted by a Rabbi and recognised by the state, although obviously only currently to someone of the opposite sex. By the Christian Institute’s interpretation… Jews should, like gay people, be denied the right to marry.”

Don’t give them any suggestions, Ben.