UK Gov’t Launches World’s First Official Trans-Positive Campaign

A new campaign from the British government represents the country’s first  effort to specifically support transgender equality.Among the many issues “Advancing Transgender Equality: A Plan for Action addresses are bullying, job training, trans-specific hate-crime laws, government-funded gender-reassignment surgery, political asylum for trans foreigners and encouraging gender minorities to run for office.

“Like everyone else, transgender people have the right to be accepted, to live their lives free of harassment, and to be free to achieve any ambition they choose,” said Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone. ‘Today is an important step, but I recognise that government can only go so far. So we will be working with schools, businesses and communities so that together, we can drive change and help consign transphobia to the past. Too many transgender people still face prejudice at every stage of their lives, from playground bullying, to being overlooked for jobs or targeted for crime.”

April Ashley (at right), who in 1960 became the first Briton to undergo gender-reassignment surgery, added, “Today’s announcement shows we are moving forward to breaking down barriers and educating people.”

Lawmakers of the world, feel free to copy the plan for your own use.  Plagiarism is okay when it advances a great movement, right?

Image via Loz Flowers