UK Home To New Anti-Gay Violence Even As Homophobic Attacker Brought To Justice

Pink News UK is reporting on a 16-year-old boy in Lancashire, England, who was savagely attacked on February 11 by a group of three teens who punched and kicked him in the face while yelling anti-gay slurs.

The offenders were disturbed when a man who was passing intervened [and] they fled the scene.

The victim was left needing surgery for a broken jaw and police are appealing for anyone with any information to come forward.

Detective Constable Julie Leigh, investigating, said: “This was a vicious and nasty assault and I am very keen to trace the people responsible.

In a sad irony, Ben Martin of Birmingham, was just given a ten-year jail sentence this week for attacking two gay men at a local pub in May 2011. Martin also wound up shattering one of their jaws.

Martin had denied the severity of the attack, claiming to have only punched the couple, but was filmed on CCTV repeatedly kicking one of the gay men in the head, the Birmingham Mail reports.

The victim, 30, required surgery to reconstruct his face after the attack, which left him with a skull fracture from his eye to his chin.

His partner, 21, sustained fewer injuries but was left with teeth missing after Martin’s attack.

Is this a thing—do anti-gay ogres in England always go for the face? Hopefully some charitable gay plastic surgeons will step up and offer to perform any cosmetic surgery any of these victims need gratis.

And hopefully Mr. Martin will need a little cosmetic surgery after his stay in in the big house.

Photos: Ell Brown, Mike Nelson

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  • Vince

    Being from the uk these I believe and hope ate isolated. Also unlike in the US; we have the NHS(National Health Service) where all his surgery will be covered

  • Zach

    Yes this is a tragedy, but calling for violence against anyone is wrong, *especially* retaliatory violence.

    “And hopefully Mr. Martin will need a little cosmetic surgery after his stay in in the big house.”

  • fagburn

    Do you really think this poor kid was the only person to get violently gaybashed in the UK this year?

    And yes, the National Health Service will take care of everything.

    Thank fcuk we still have some remnants of a socialist system here…

  • phoenix

    It’s economy of effort – most of the yobs who attack others (regardless of orientation) are idle little shits and nothing guarantees a quick conclusion to the hard part of a fight (the fighting, not the beating of a senseless form on the floor) like a heavy blow to the face. As someone who has been assaulted I can testify to that. I was just lucky that my attacker didn’t put the boot in after they had knocked me out with a Glasgow kiss (headbutt). Just glad that was a random attack and not a sexuality related one.

  • Andrew

    All his surgery would be free in the UK. Sadly these teens would have probably found any reason to attack someone.

  • Sam

    Three guys on one? How brave.

    And yep, don’t forget healthcare in the UK is free. Any plastic surgery he needs will be completely covered.

  • Freddie

    These are two isolated incidents that are so rare that they got national news attention. Also, plastic surgery is covered for free on the National Health Service.

  • Ruhlmann

    @Zach: This shit stain needs the same kind of boot fucking he subjected his victim to. Don’t underestimate the healing power of rough justice.

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