UK Mistress Slams Anti-Gay MP Bob Blackman By Revealing Affair

It’s a lesson right-wingers never seem to learn: Don’t open your mouth about morality when you’ve got giant skeletons in your closet. After Conservative MP Bob Blackman suggested the UK reinstate Section 28—a Thatcherite ban on gay “propaganda” that was repealed in 2003—his outraged mistress revealed details of their longtime relationship, which ended in 2000.

Carol Shaw told the Sunday Mirror“I couldn’t believe a man who had an affair with me for over 11 years could have the cheek to preach about the sanctity of marriage. You have to be squeaky clean to do that and he has made a mistake.”

She labeled Blackman an “absolute hypocrite,” which is nicer than what we’d call him.

Even though Blackman vocally defined marriage as “between one man and one woman,” Shaw said he told her “could love two people at the same time.”

We’re guessing that’s not a issue for Blackman anymore.