UK Philosopher: Gay Marriage Is Homophobic

weddingOf all the arguments we’ve heard against same-sex marriage, this one is the oddest: British philosopher Roger Scruton claims marriage equality is homophobic.

In Monday’s Spectator, Scruton wrote in a commentary that shared a byline with think-tank guru Phillip Blond:

Equality used to allow those who differ not to subsume themselves under another’s identity but to claim equity for their distinction and the state’s protection in maintaining and even defending it. Now however equality is being used to erase difference, destroy institutional distinction and remove proper and plural provision for different groups, faiths and organisations.

We have profound reservations about same sex marriage not just because of the harm it does to a vital heterosexual institution but also because we reject the implication that in order to be equal and respected homosexuals should conform to heterosexual norms and be in effect the same as heterosexuals. In this sense we believe same sex marriage to be homophobic – it demands recognition for gay relationships but at the price of submitting those relationships to heterosexual definition.

This serves neither homosexuals nor heterosexuals.

Why don’t you let us worry about what serves homosexuals, Mr. Scruton?

Oddly enough, Scruton wrote in 1986 that perversion was “sexual release that avoids or abolishes the other [partner]” and that homosexuality was therefore perverse, “because the body of the homosexual’s lover belongs to the same category as his own.”

He’s since disavowed that theory. Wonder how long before he disavows this one?

h/t: Boing Boing, Photo: Michael Eleftheriades

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