UK Pop Singer Olly Murs Is Thinking About Bulges In Men’s Underwear

olly murs 3


“That would be fun—I could call them Bulge so when people went into the shop they’d ask, ‘Do you have a small Bulge, a medium Bulge or a large Bulge.”

UK pop singer Olly Murs, contemplating his own line of men’s underwear, in Gay Times magazine. Below, Murs sings “Troublemaker” off his new album, Right Place Right Time.



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  • CaptainFabulous

    He’s just so adorable!

  • dellisonly

    Cute yes but he sounds exactly like Adam Levine and I got bored. Threw in a Maroon 5 track

  • Brian

    Olly Murs looks like a try-hard twink. Just another manufactured pop act off the British assembly line, I’m afraid….

    Can’t Britain do any better?

  • CaptainFabulous

    @Brian: Actually he’s not. Have you listened to/seen any of his stuff besides this one video? He’s practically the antithesis of a try-hard twink or manufactured pop act. He was a runner up on UK’s X-Factor in 2009 and actually writes his own music and plays multiple instruments. He’s the real deal.

    I saw a BBC documentary on him and was totally blown away at just how talented and down to earth he is.

  • vonlmo

    oy vey, some generic tosser who looks better placed working at M&S in the mens wear dept.Just when music needs, Thank you British entertainment.


    Olly Meh!

    I’m not here for your ubiquitous cheeky chappy nice guy mediocrity.

    Seriously, I only come onto queerty because this idiot is all over the uk airwaves and now this wet twat has gone and found his way on to qweerty. ahhhhh! Curses, is there no escaping this tool!?!

  • Stache

    Don’t know the guy. Went to the link and it’s Backstreet boys, Nsync, etc standard boyband pop. Yawn.

  • silveroracle

    Olly. Mmm.
    Recon he’s worth a wallop.

  • davegun2

    Lighten up people. He is a Pop singer and does not apologize. I like his sweet candy music. Chill you all. And he is cute to some just like some a u are ugly to others.

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