UK Salon Owner Accused Of Only Hiring Fat, Gay Hair Stylists

Andrew-RodgersA British hair stylist has filed a discrimination suit against the owner of a beauty salon, claiming he was a “sexist bully” who told her he only wanted to hire overweight and gay hairdressers because they wouldn’t get pregnant and go on maternity leave.

The Daily Mail reports Natasha Bramhall made the accusations on Wednesday against Andrew Rodgers, owner of the Funky Divas salon in Sheffield.

Bramhall returned to work in March 2011 after the birth of her son, but says she was demoted and berated, leading to her quitting in September of that year. She also claims she became “anxious and stressed” before giving birth and was forced to use products that are unsafe for pregnant women to handle.

Former employee Kirsty Diver testified that Rodgers, who is openly gay, said that “in future he will be employing only fat, gay and lesbian members of staff as no one would want to have a baby with a fat person and gays and lesbians would not need to be off for maternity or paternity leave.”

Diver claims that, while working on a client’s nails, she gave birth in the bathroom of the salon because she was afraid to tell Rodgers she was pregnant. Another stylist testified she went into labor at Funky Divas because she wasn’t given any breaks.

“Andrew used to say ‘I’m sick of these women draining the resources, I am going to make their life hell,’ testified yet another ex-employee. “He wanted to sack someone when he found out they were pregnant. He just didn’t want the hassle.”

Rodgers, 34, denies the allegations and claims Bramhall and another former staffer were just trying to sabotage his business and set up a rival hair salon.

Do they have The People’s Court in England?

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  • sfbeast

    The guy sounds like a total jerk, but giving birth in the bathroom ??? That sounds a bit much.

  • Dakotahgeo

    If the picture above is that of the manager, I’d run like hell for the exits and call the local zoo! And he has something against fat people? Unnngh!

  • DonW

    Wait… this story must be from “The Onion,” right?

  • krystina rose


  • Joel J

    I’d hate to see the funky divas who frequent his salon.


    Even though it is horrible to think that anyone would do such a think, I could believe that someone would have discriminatory hiring practices…but what I have a hard time believing is that someone gave birth in the bathroom. That seems a bit much.

  • damon459

    Seriously you’re reporting this as news? Do you morons know the Daily Mail is a tabloid magazine? What’s next articles from the National enquirer?

  • offbeatoh86

    The Daily Mail is a tabloid (read: lies) with a long history of running ridiculous & anti-LGBT stories.

  • Ganymede

    The actual article says the woman in question had a miscarriage in the bathroom, which seems equally difficult to conceal from her boss.

    That said, I wouldn’t use the daily mail to line my hamster cage, I’d be scared the poor thing would become as rabid as the ‘journalists’ in that rag.

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