Rock Hard Rebuttal

UK Show Enlists Stripper To Find Out If All Men Want To Be Sex Objects

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 9.33.19 AMDo all men want to be sex objects?

That’s the question the panel of the UK’s comedy show Argumental tackled with the help of the very distracting stripper, Kieran Hayler.

Here are some highlights from the rousing (arousing?) debate.

Arguing no:

Men do not want to be sex objects, just look at their shoes…Men make lousy sex objects because women are too nice. Women are checking Kieren out, of course you’re looking at his body — he hasn’t got any clothes on!

Arguing yes:

Here he is, with his Herculean frame draped in skin so soft it’s like finely cut Persian silk. Who wouldn’t want to be a sex object looking like that…with undulating muscles that look like the bouncing waves of the storm-kissed Indian ocean? I don’t want to have a body that looks like a body a child would design one of his enemies. I want a body like him!

Here’s the full video, which is quite funny:

And since we clearly know how most of you would answer this question, we went ahead and tracked down a video of Kieran stripping for something appropriately called Adonis Night (complete with drag queen MC):