Queer UK Pop Star Patrick Wolf Comes Stateside With Lupercalia

UK pop star Patrick Wolf is wickedly talented and wickedly queer. (He once appeared on an album straddling a cartoon deer on a merry-go-round). And he recently released his fifth album, Lupercalia. Are you into it yet?

If you enjoyed the above tidbit, “Together,” then you might want to check him out when he breaks his American-tour cherry with dates in Los Angeles (September 13), San Francisco (September 15) and New York City (September 17).

Wolf announced the dates on his site, saying, “The Lupercalia world tour will start acoustic… like back when I first started doing shows, as I haven’t yet debuted any of my new songs on your shores in their bare-bones and I have five albums to get through acoustically.”

And he’s well received too: The UK’s Observer, which has called Wolf, “Britain’s most innovative, radical and creative pop star, heaped praise on the new release.

“Another good review may be the last thing [Wolf] really wants, but if so, he’s going to have to lump it: Lupercalia is a pretty irresistible album… Wolf, it turns out, is spectacularly good at big, stirring, major-key melodies. The album is dizzy with them.”

So, got your tickets yet?

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