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UK teen who killed his boyfriend gets 28 years for murder

Alex Rodda

Matthew Mason, a UK man who killed his 15-year-old boyfriend, will serve 28 years in prison for murder.

The story began in 2019, when a then 18-year-old Mason met 15-year old Alex Rodda on Instagram. The two began a covert sexual relationship which dissolved when Rodda threatened to tell Mason’s girlfriend about their affair. Mason claims he first paid Rodda £2,000 over a three week period to keep the relationship secret. When that didn’t satisfy the younger man, Mason resorted to deadly force.

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Mason lured Rodda into a wooded area outside Ashley, near Altrincham, on December 12, 2019. Once there, he proceeded to beat the 15-year-old to death with a wrench. Rodda’s body was discovered the following day.

Now The Guardian reports that Mason received a fierce rebuke from the judge in his case, along with his 28-year sentence.

“This was carefully planned and ruthlessly carried out, showing no empathy and a callous disregard for Alex, his family and friends,” the judge said at sentencing.

In court, Mason had alleged that Rodda lured him into the relationship–a claim undermined by sexual videos Mason had sent to Rodda. Prosecutors also claim that Rodda was struck at least 15 times with the wrench in an attack they deemed “brutal.”