UK To Ban “Preachers Of Hate”

Those Brits are full of good ideas! The United Kingdom’s Home Office today announced that “hate preachers” could be banned from entering their land.

Foreign-born “preachers of hate” and other violent extremists will have to prove they have publicly renounced their views or be refused entry to Britain under tough new rules unveiled today.

The measures, set out in a written ministerial statement by Jacqui Smith, the home secretary, will make it easier to exclude those who want to come to the UK to stir up religious or racial hatred.

Obviously “hate” can include homophobia, so Andy over at UK Gay News did a little digging and found that anti-gay preachers, like Fred Phelps, also face British banishment.

Writes Andy:

Those who advocate hatred towards gay men and women WILL face the possibility of being barred from entry into the UK – and would have to prove that they have “renounced their previous extremist views or actions the burden of proof is on them to demonstrate that this is so and that this has been publicly communicated” before removal from the “banned list”.

The Home Office also told me that they are expecting many names to be added to the banned list which currently stands at 230 people most of whom are on the list for security reasons. But 79 are there for “unacceptable behavior” … Fred Phelps is thought to already be one of the 79.

Now, if only we Yanks would follow suit!