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Ukrainian Boy Band Kazaky Returns (With Their Stilettos)

In October we saw a stiletto-fueled effort from Ukrainian boy band Kazaky in their “In The Middle” music video. Now they return with “Love,” which in just one day has racked up more than 100,000 YouTube views. The stilettos are: back. The boys look: hot. The beats are: danceable. And yes, the song is: questionable. But who cares, because here comes the nasty talk, which according to my loose lyric notation goes something like this: “Fuck. Money. Fame. Sex. Beer. Fashion. New.” It’s like four male Lady Gagas, yet to be overexposed.

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  • alan brickman

    So it’s true!! guys can wear high heels better than women!!

  • Lefty

    OMG, they’re absolutely amazing!
    I was thinking about them the other day and wondered what had happened after In The Middle all those months ago.
    The song isn’t all that catchy but who cares. Hopefully this will lead to even more exposure and then something more substantial, ie. more songs, more videos, more pictures. :D

  • DJ

    Definitely not my kind of guys but I can’t lie, they work those heels better than Beyonce. Somewhere rupaul is rejoicing yelling, “You better Werk!”

  • kayla


  • Oh Boy

    It’s all a bit much and way over the top…but the ome with the stubble is hot.

  • Pip

    Ah Its so funny/scary/embarrassing when Europeans try to interpret American culture.
    Their last video was more impressive.

  • kayla

    @Oh Boy: I think that they were going for over the top….that seems to be the whole point…

  • scribe

    @Oh Boy: they are cute guys… just wish they would act like men… can’t get with the high heel thing.

  • DJ

    @scribe: I agree. I definitely respect them for what they’re doing though. I think if they did this to set a statement, but acted like men in the real world, I could get with them. I have to admit I’m very fascinated.

  • Lefty

    “Act like men”???
    Sorry, I thought this was a gay site.

  • lemon-lime

    @Lefty: Sexual preferences are pretty much immutable. You can educate yourself and open your mind as much as you want, but at the end of the day, a dude in heals is still a total turnoff sometimes.

    To suggest that because we are gay we all magically think men in heals are hot is just as silly as me suggesting that they should be made to take them off because heals are a woman’s shoe.

    I respect the clear talent and skill of these guys, but I do not care for their aesthetic and a I do not think they are hot.

  • Lefty

    @lemon-lime: Who said anything about finding them hot?

  • ForeverGay

    Beautiful. Their bodies are works of art.

  • afrolito

    These MEN are HOT. Thank god they aren’t expressing themselves beyond society’s rigid definition of masculinity. That’s sexy.

  • sam


    Wearing heels does not equate to being “feminine” nor does that mean theyre not “acting like men”

    All this gender role stuff got old in the 90s

  • Soupy

    Well, they’re no ABBA.

  • Robert

    Meh, they ripped all their moves from Jonte neway.

  • Mike

    they were rocking those heels

  • Kent M

    “I don’t care.”

  • DJ

    @Lefty: The last I checked, the word gay (in the sexual orientation sense) was used to describe people attracted to the SAME-SEX. If I wanted a women, I’d be with a women. But I’m attracted to men.

    I don’t have a problem with feminine guys, they just aren’t for me sexually. Although… I do find these guys kinda appealing. And like I said, I do have respect for their art form. I couldn’t do it…

  • tjr101

    Just looking at the picture with the heels and all I never thought I’d like it. I’m glad I was wrong, they’re very entertaining and talented!

  • Jeffree

    Just because they’re in heels in a vid does not mean they dress like that IRL. It’s supposed to be fun, funny, cute….whatever. The music isn’t terrible, but their enthusiasm is great to watch.

    I’ve worn things on stage & in videos that I’d prob never wear anywhere else, but if it works for the act/show, yep, I’ll do it. Heels are out though, because I’m a klutz. I look fetching in a nun’s habit,lol, or so I’ve been told!

  • Red Meat

    Horrible lyrics

    They cant sing to save their lives

    Many Lady Gaga inspired scenes

    Beautifully directed

  • Oprah

    OH BOY is a bottom. He likes men with stubble. he he he

  • Robbie K

    This is some deep it :-)

  • ~PR~

    @scribe: please, continue to perpetuate the gender normative assignment to men… yes all men should behave a certain way… and since these “men” don’t… I say we call them a more appropriate name like “homo” or “fag”. Oh… wait!
    What are men supposed to act like, pray tell. I’m quite certain that many of us “gay” men here defy certain normative traits with or without heels. Should we turn in our “men” cards as well?

  • Adonis-of-Fire

    Great video, fabulous dancing, very sexy guys, amazing beat.
    Not their fault your daddy molested you and now you want a big brutish man to violently rape you so you have to hate on chic fabulous hot dancers.

  • Phoenix

    Stop hating just appreciate!

  • Jax

    Butch femme, Either way these guys rocked those heels and I sooooo would…. with… every… single …one . Who cares if they are feminine, if some people want to be insecure go find somewhere else to be so. We do nothing by tearing apart an artform just because it makes you have to evaluate what it means to be masculine. Peace

  • McMike

    The more I hear gay men bitch about gay men acting feminine the more I think more gay men should act feminine.

  • Paul

    The guys are so hot. They’re totally my type.

  • alex

    I can dance like that! this is a new dance’s perfect for african america gay mens. i know for sure and you know what…white str8 acting gay men don’t understand about vouging and catwalks. YOU THINK THAT WE TRYING TO BE WOMAN OR CROSSDRESSER DANCE LIKE A GIRL??? you are dead wrong buddy, but yes, We are gay and we are proud of it, period. all about dance, it’s all about fierce attidude dance and glamorous multi-ethnic friends with attidude

  • Chris

    So much better than the Britney video!

    But the song still sucks.

  • fredo777

    I like the song, but I LOVE the video. My favorite parts were every single shot with the guys posing in the circles.

    And, of course, the dancing onion heads. I mean, come on. It’s an onion head. Fantastic. I don’t care about how butch/femme they are, those b*tches worked it out.

  • Alcovaria

    “Fuck. Money. Fame. Sex. BEER. Fashion. New.”
    There isn`t “Beer”, there is “B.M club”…

  • Alcovaria

    ahah your culture?
    oh God….

  • askena

    wait… is that a TURNIP on his head?

  • Alcovaria

    It’s onion=)

  • Scott Bonzitski

    I think they are mezmerizing as a form of entertainment. It’s like art, either you like it or not but, no need to cut down the ones that do appreciate it. Go $h1t in someone elses’ cereal OK? If I could do that…Yes, they are HOT and the lead in story also stated so [@Lefty]…SB

  • jasun mark

    Remember back in another lifetime when being a pop star required some kind of musical talent instead of a complete lack of shame?

  • Lefty

    @jasun mark:

    I can’t really see anything in that video they should feel any shame about.
    What a strange reaction.

  • jasun mark

    @Lefty: do you HEAR anything they should feel shame about?

    Because at one time, pop singers actually like.. ya know… sang? Now it’s just “say these words into the vocoder and let us do the rest.”

  • J

    What a neat video. The song wasn’t spectacular, but it definitely had a great beat. I’ve never heard of Kazaky before, but I’ll be keeping an eye on them now.

  • Tomd


  • Lefty

    @jasun mark: said: “do you HEAR anything they should feel shame about?

    Not really. Unless you think sex or ambition is shameful. I’d call it honesty.

    Sorry, but you appear to be taking the moral high ground while linking to a site full of porn ads.

    “Because at one time, pop singers actually like.. ya know… sang? Now it’s just “say these words into the vocoder and let us do the rest.”
    It’s not a pop song, dear – it’s a dance track. I seriously doubt the intention is that we should be poring over the depth of their lyrics. It’s designed to dance to.
    Anyway, pop singers and boy bands have been moulded and manipulated by so-called svengalis since the beginning of pop. So what?

  • zacht

    ah stop hating, trolls! men from this part of the world are so interestingly hot. the lyrics arent that great but name a pop song where they are…
    the guys are hot, they can dance like hell and the production quality/art direction/direction are great! bravo, gorgeous boys in sexy heels ;)

  • Dirty Anthem

    I want to be mad, I wasn’t. I wanted to stop watching the video but I couldn’t. Those boys just wore the hell out of those heels, I must say I was impressed, and a little ashamed at the same time.

  • OrchidIslander

    @jasun mark:” Remember back in another lifetime when being a pop star required some kind of musical talent instead of a complete lack of shame?”

    Jasun, I do agree that a lack of talent is no longer a deterrent when pursuing a pop career.

    We alternated between nausea and out right laughter while watching this train wreck.

    A totally excretable song, (the same 3 lyrics repeated over and over again, really?; a heavy hand with whatever the video- equivalent-of-photoshop is along with the prerequisite sexily-clad, pouty muscily guys, who in this case have the collective singing ability of William Hung.

    Good enough for many…..

    Formula, through and through.

    To each his own, but a stylized creation with little originality and even less intrinsic value whatsoever was my take.

  • Hillers

    Ripe hit for Deep House Dish.

  • fredo777

    @OrchidIslander: To each his own, indeed, but I think you’re taking yourself way too seriously as a critic. The guys are clearly talented performers, regardless of whether you liked their particular style or singing ability. Furthermore, as was already addressed, this isn’t a “pop song”, but a dance track. Two different animals. I, for one, think they did a fabulous job + have nothing but kudos for them.

  • kayla

    @OrchidIslander: Dude, this is not art, it’s just an interesting video with a great dance beat…Really, you’re not suppose to assess it by the standards of the greatest music you’ve ever heard. If I want to hear beautiful music, I listen to Johann Pachelbel, my favorite dead musician…This is just suppose to get your feet tapping…well at least it did get mine…And I do think the video is cool.

  • OrchidIslander

    @fredo777: “I, for one, think they did a fabulous job + have nothing but kudos for them.”

    @kayla: “This is just suppose to get your feet tapping…well at least it did get mine…And I do think the video is cool.”

    Freedo777 and Kayla, As I said previously, to each his own.

    Perhaps, I am over analyzing a simple pop/dance video, but for the life of me I just could not relate. It just seemed so trite.

    I’m glad that you two enjoyed it and, even more, I’m glad that we can agree to disagree without personally attacking each other.


  • Str8Edge

    I like it. Heels would normally turn me off on a guy, but it was different. It wasn’t like watching Johnny Weird in heels (sticks tongue down throat). I like the artistic factor of the whole video, except for the onion heads. That was weird. I dunno. I think I’m just bored with American music. It’s so washed out and watered down. Unoriginal. BORING.

  • hephaestion

    I prefer Sergey Lazarev.

  • Max Campbell

    Our pride! Slavic nations are the most beautiful!

  • Alcovaria


  • Jeffree

    @Max Campbell: James Franco no is secretly gay. Is rumor unfounded. Slavic people is beautiful, ukranian more than tartar Russian or Georgian.

  • Max Campbell

    Russians and Ukrainians are almost one thing historically. Besides it during the Soviet era people have mixed up. Georgians is totally NOT Slavic! Georgians is the Caucasian nation! Oh, Jeffree, you are absolutely incompetent in any sphere!

    Yep, of course Franco is definitely hetero. LOL))))))))))))))))))

  • FlameoftheWest

    Fun and sexy video.

  • Bill Cooney

    “The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys” One of me favorite tunes from the past. Maybe Kazaky will record it!

  • zaniell

    Every guy should wear heels and wear makeup, try to make themselves pretty, otherwise pple walk around looking like sh*t and they expect some1 to like them? every1 should be like those boys..

  • Jeffree

    @Max Campbell: We agree! Georgians and Tartars isn’t same as Ukranians! Cynep! I say that already, can not you read the english? I romanian, no please tell HUKMO! This keyboard not permitting cyrillic characters, we will not need them in my tounge. Have u visited Bucharest?

    So is the Lazarev a secret closet gayman? He is quite dainty but almost cutest! have you the proof? Please to me provide such details.

  • tapoh

    Okay, comments about the lyrics and their hotness aside…what was with the onion/garlic headed people?

  • Max Campbell

    Jeffree, you said that Georgians are Slavic. After such idiotic mistake, you need to shut up. Tatars are not Slavic too, by the way.

    Masturbation on pseudo-bisexual sluts very badly affects your mental faculties.

  • Alex






  • Jeffree

    @Max Campbell: can u not know to read? Get clues. Romanian is based on latin, similar to the spanish & the italian & the french? U have linguistical problem, plus krazy problem. Hi to your lover the Jason! May him live long & not in his instîtutión for the ïnstability of pêoples who lovës the bisëxxuâls’ pôrñs! We must to bàttle those noñ-slavîcs peoples whô is’skïnhêadß!

  • Max Campbell

    Jeffree, you dont want to recognize your fault)))))
    Fuck you, with your romanian, conformism and dolboebizm, silly lesbian ass-eater!
    Only fashion on male bisexuality will bring freedom to us!

  • nineinchnail

    @Alex: Sounds like the same kinda shit Gaga comes out with.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    Eastern European boys in stilettos.

    What’s not to like?


    The song? What song?

  • kalifani6

    OK, baby boiz give very large thanxXx to mummy Madonna. ^_^ Songs not as good tho’ ie.CORNY…[who’s payin attn to the lyrics? “Not I”, said the cat.]

  • Rob Moore

    Not bad. More avant garde than say Backstreet Boys, but the most impressive thing is their ability to perform some fairly complex dance moves in stilletoes that ought to have caused at least one or two dislocated hips, busted ankles, or at the very least large, bleeding blisters.

  • Rob Moore

    And people said there would be no sense of fashion in post-soviet Ukraine.

  • MJ

    When thy say “B.M. club” what do they mean?
    What’s a BM club? or a BM.

  • MJ

    When they say “B.M. club” what do they mean?
    What’s a BM club? or a BM.

  • ALEX

    i know B.M. stand for = body mind!

  • [email protected]

    ummmmm is beyond surprised after reading some comments on here! but ANYWAYZ who said they were even gay? i know the little guy with the curly hair has a gf… and dont make a smart ass remark about that…

  • Luetta Furgerson

    Magnificent goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you’re just too wonderful. I really like what you have acquired here, certainly like what you are saying and the way in which you say it. You make it entertaining and you still take care of to keep it smart. I can’t wait to read far more from you. This is actually a terrific site.

  • Diva

    These guys are FIERCE to work the heels in the manner they have done in all of their vidoes is AMAZING. They have shown talent and skill and creativity beyond the likes of others. Whether you are GBLT or just a plain Breeder you can not deny creativity and skill to choreograph routines and execute them with such precision and then add in the difficulty of performing in heels. Please so anyone saying they are not good or talented I would like to see you get up and perform half of this routine in flats let alone the heels.

  • mack plenty

    any one that does not like these boye are jello they are gay badd asses you want them you hate them they don’t care what you think p.s blogers there on tv and internet you all are writing about them so fag off haters kazaky ok with me mack plenty

  • Shushanik

    I love Kazaky. Very talented guys and amazing dancers! That’s a pity they are not as well-known in the U.S. as they are in Europe… I wrote an article about them in Hubpages. Hope that’ll help promote their dance art in the U.S.

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