UK’s Gay Asylum Policy Is Crazy!

There’s quite a queer contradiction in the United Kingdom’s gay policy.

As you know, the international embassies have embraced gay pride, flying the rainbow flag in hostile territories like Poland and Latvia. In addition, the Foreign Office distributed hundreds of “LGBT toolkits,” a handy dandy guide to all things gay.

Too bad things aren’t the same at home, where international gay refugees have faced uphill battles. Remember Mehdi Kazemi, the gay Iranian teen who finally received asylum after nearly a year in legislative limbo? And then there’s Syrian refugee Jojo Jako Yakob, who had been detained in Scotland. He was released last week, but must still face the Home Office. Well, now there’s word of yet another queer who faces an uncertain fate.

And officials doesn’t seem to give a damn…

Via UK Gay News:

…For Ugandan lesbian Prossy Kakooza, things are not so good.

She arrived in the UK in July last year, having fled her country after being severely beaten and burned by police purely on the grounds of her sexuality. In addition she was repeatedly raped while in custody.

Such were her injuries that when she sought medical help on arrival in UK doctors were so shocked at the extent of her injuries that the police were called.

Prossy left behind a girlfriend who is still believed to be in detention in Uganda.

The Home Office accepts that Prossy was brutally raped and burned. Yet they want to deport her back to Uganda, saying that she can settle in another town.

Yeah! Why not?! You can just move, stay in the closet or come out and be burned alive!

Prossy’s case – like the others – indicates a severe rift between the United Kingdom’s asylum policy and the international outreach. This, of course, should not be big news. The Independent Asylum Commission reported in March that the UK’s home office remains “hostile” to all refugees:

The commission found that Britain’s treatment of asylum-seekers “falls seriously below the standards to be expected of a humane and civilized society”… The report details how the “adversarial” system is failing applicants from the very first point of interview, with officials accused of stacking the odds against genuine claimants.

Regular rabble-rouser Peter Tatchell agrees. The activist recently used the aforementioned examples, as well as others, to point a finger at the ruling Labour Party:

Since 1999, the Labour government has repealed most of Britain’s anti-gay laws and introduced new legislation to recognise same-sex partnerships and protect gay people against discrimination.

These positive gay rights measures are being undermined by Labour’s failure to tackle the homophobic and transphobic bias of the asylum system.

Labour’s claim to be a LGBT-friendly government rings hollow when it continues to fail genuine LGBT refugees. We must insist on an asylum system that is fair, just and compassionate – for LGBT refugees and for all refugees.

The Home Office’s homo situation isn’t simply a question of alleged homophobia, but whether Democratic, free countries should welcome those who come from less hospitable lands. The answer’s pretty clear to us: a government, any government, cannot responsibly advise someone to cloak themselves to survive. It’s unfair, it’s cruel and, most of all, it’s dangerous.

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