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Hot nude yoga makes for a salubrious complement to your fitness program. The classes given at Aaron Star’s Hot Nude Yoga studio in Chelsea are aimed at people who, already in shape, desire both enhanced flexibility and a spiritual component to their workouts.

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The popular beginner workshops provide low-pressure introductions to this increasingly fashionable step towards wellness. Those who do not reside near a hot nude yoga studio may gain knowledge of the activity through introductory DVDs. Aaron summed up the nature of hot nude yoga sessions when he answered critics by saying: “They’re just afraid I’m going to take their students away. Tantra doesn’t have any moral code. It says we’re seeking spiritual freedom on the earth, not from the earth.”

Making hot nude yoga a part of your life will open all sorts of possibilities to you. Many people enjoy combining hot nude yoga retreats with world travel; upcoming retreats will be held in Egypt, London, France and in the Himalayas. Some even opt to become certified instructors of hot nude yoga. Leave your clothes on your hang-ups at the door and have a great time!