Practice makes perfect?

Um, what is that man doing to that weight machine?

The gym is a great place to snap discreet selfies in the mirror, walk around naked, and check out other people. It can also occasionally be a good place to exercise.

And for some, it’s a place to hone their topping skills.

Video of a man who appears to be topping a leg curl machine recently surfaced online. Our friends over at Gayety first shared the video on their Facebook page.

Since being uploaded last week, the video has received nearly 100,000 views and over 550 comments.

“OMG, he’s clearly not a top,” one person wrote.

“He’s using the equipment to masturbate,” another person adds.

“His thrust is slow and sensual,” a third person observes.

Practice makes perfect, right?


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  • Stache

    Not a bad idea. He’s probably playing some Barry White music too.

  • DanicZee11

    lol, if you do not want to be like him, you can also check the review site for plus size people: if you do not want to be fat, you just need to do gym, but not like him. lol

  • mhoffman953

    Looks like this happened in a Planet Fitness, so I’m not surprised

  • twohanded

    Whe hasn’t noticed that his workout buddy has copped off with another guy and is now in the showers getting his………..?

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Back injury–strengthening psoas muscle(?)

  • Stache

    I do that exercise but it’s laying on my back on the leg curl machine. It works out the flexer muscles between your abs and thighs.

    • mhoffman953


      Huh? You don’t lay on your back on the leg curl machine. There’s a seated leg curl machine where you are seated and a lying leg curl machine where you lay on your stomach, not on your back

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