The shade of it all

Um, ouch: This little boy in drag just read Bianca Del Rio to filth

Meet Lataysha, but think twice before asking who her favorite drag queen is — particularly if you’re Bianca Del Rio.

During a recent performance for her Werq the World tour, Del Rio thought it wise to bring a little boy in drag on stage.

When Del Rio asked Lataysha who her favorite former RuPaul contestant was, the budding performer shot back, “Ginger Minj.”

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Of course, Del Rio loved it: “Even though I’m not your favorite, you’re my fucking favorite.”

“What I love most about this is that your mom is here with you supporting you.”

“The brilliant thing about all of this is that there’s opportunity in this world that will come to you, and I want you to share it, be you and enjoy the hell out of it.”


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  • dinard38

    Why is this little boy doing drag with all of these adults? Sorry, I can’t get with this. This boy has no business being on this stage with all of this adult humor and profanity.

    • scottjamesmiller

      Why? Because it’s probably the safest place for him to be. He “has every business” being on stage blah, blah, blah. Why don’t you get his address, write him a letter and tell him how much you disapprove of him being who he is. Then, go to you kitchen, turnoff your oven and put your head in it. I don’t care if it’s electric.

  • Prax07

    Ugh…more bad parenting on parade.

  • rmarin776

    I also felt a little uncomfortable with the language being used with this young boy. But if we think about it, the language is probably way more appropriate than the kind of response he might get sharing his interest in drag with a mainstream community. So, in the end, I think this was probably a positive experience (expletives aside).

  • imaqt2

    Regardless whether he can hear explicit language anywhere we should be an example to young kids. And that is a poor example. You want respect then be respectful and classy. The world is watching make yourselves look good not only with makeup and wardrobe but manners and etiquette.

  • darren michaels

    I fail to understand why individuals feel they should comment suggesting what “environments” children should or should not be in. To say it is “too adult” in fact only offers a disconnect on the part of the commenter. We are in the age of the internet and there isn’t anything that most children can’t see or haven’t’ seen.
    Children are becoming far more advanced than most adults were at the same age. Unfortunately it’s a world of 10 year olds talking about and having sex, and getting into things that most adults would be shocked by.
    This kid and his being at the venue they are, was likely one of the most welcoming and inclusive environments a little boy who might be questioning should be in. Profanity is hardly a big deal anymore.. F*ck can be heard on many a cable channel. Most of all what this little boy might take away is the understanding that what he’s feeling and thinking is not deviant and wrong. That there are many people who think and feel just like him so he has no reason to feel he should hide and pretend to be someone he’s not. There are long lists of individuals who have ended their lives because of the fact the world failed them. They might have benefitted a great deal if they had had the caring and attention that one might receive in the same position. Rather than being bothered by watching a video like this maybe greater awareness of what is actually going on in the world would benefit, in advance of offering such antiquated opinions of a world you once knew as a child. “The times they are a changing.”

    • cdizz

      Hear hear!

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