Unaware It’s 2015, Ben Carson Asks LGBT Military Members: “Why Do You Have To Go Around Flouting Your Sexuality?”

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Presidential doomsday scenario Ben Carson (seen above performing a difficult brain operation) has taken a hit in the polls after some public displays of word vomiting, and apparently there’s a lot more bile where that came from.

His latest comments about gay, lesbian and trans people serving in the military are such head scratchers, we can’t imagine what good he thought could come of them.

Speaking to military veterans on Saturday in Iowa, Carson said of out service men and women, “I mean, why do you have to go around flouting your sexuality? It’s not necessary, you don’t need to talk about that, we need to talk about how we eliminate the enemy.”

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To say nothing of the fact that we’re pretty sure he meant “flaunt,” not “flout” (words is hard), Carson also seems to have mistaken “flaunt” with “mention.” What does he think is going on in the barracks at night? Camouflage drag shows? And all while ignoring the fact that there’s any sort of mission at hand?

But he wasn’t finished shoving his foot into his mouth:

“When our men and women are out there fighting the enemy, the last thing that we need to be doing is saying what would it be like if we introduced several transgender people into this platoon,” Carson said. “You know, give me a break. Deal with the transgender thing somewhere else.”

22carson1-articleLarge-v2We certainly have to wonder how the estimated 15,500 transgender service members currently serving in the U.S. Military feel about being referred to as “the transgender thing.”

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Carson famously claimed in one of his books that he was offered a full scholarship to West Point, the prestigious military academy, only to then backpedal and say it wasn’t a “scholarship” per se (West Point doesn’t even offer scholarships), he was just “introduced to folks from West Point.” Understandable — we get the two confused all the time.

Either way, Carson did not attend West Point, nor did he ever serve in the military. But please, continue denigrating those who do. Who’s next? Ah, of course — women!

“All the success I’ve had in life is because of women, so I am never going to say ‘no’ to women, I’m not,” Carson said, adding that he would be “very frightened” if standards were lowered to allow women into the same roles as men.

This guy just can’t quit.

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Here’s the real kicker — the event was hosted by the so-called Concerned Veterans for America, a “Koch brothers-funded front group” that is reportedly “the driving force behind efforts to dismantle the VA health care system and trim service members’ hard-earned disability and other benefits.”

Ben Carson, we certainly don’t mean to flout you (OK maybe we do), but it’s late, you’re tired, the sun’s about to come up and you need to go home.

h/t: NCRM

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  • Desert Boy

    The idiot Ben Carson is obsessed with ‘teh gays’.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    and hummus.

  • Sandy McLendon

    The word you’re looking for is “flaunting,” Dr. Carson – “flouting” means something else. Now go fight Hummus and leave the grown-ups alone. :)

  • Derek Perron

    Flaunting and touting, flouting

  • Jeffrey Scronce

    I don’t know, Dr. Carson, why do you have to go around flouting your stupidity?

  • Rob Boeving

    He’s done anyway – this was all good for his book sales…

  • Bob LaBlah

    I wonder if he is aware that over half of America WILL NOT be surprised when the guy he bent over for as a teen comes forward and starts talking. Sorry, Ben, but you simply look the type who DID in your teens and early twenties and foolishly chose religion to “cure” you just to quiet down your mom and aunts at Thanksgiving dinners. It provides a “decent” mask for the ignorant (the sanctimonious) but it ain’t fooling me.

  • Kangol

    Ben, boo, it’s FLAUNT (to flagrantly display), not FLOUT (to defy), and nobody is flaunting her or his sexuality, they are being themselves, just like you.

    If you can be a brilliant surgeon and otherwise braindead amoeba of a person, with a wife and children, then these LGBTIQ military people, who are defending your right to be a moron, can be themselves too.

  • Kangol

    @Bob LaBlah: Wait, what? “The guy that he bent over for as a teen”? I missed that one. Please do fill me in!

  • Tim Elbing Jr.

    Well, if Mr. Carson can flaunt his ignorance and stupidity, I can flaunt the fact that I have a husband!

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Perhaps we should shutter medical schools and deport doctors.

  • Michael Miller

    I don’t know why he has to go around flaunting his race like that either. I mean the gall for a minority to be seen in public living one’s life in normal people’s faces…

  • Matthew Farris

    The same reason he “flouts” his stupidity- I was born this way!

  • Scott Mitchell

    Would the ironic question for Mr. Carson be “why do you have to go around flouting your ignorance?”

  • Brian JC Kneeland

    for the same reason he “flaunts” being black!

  • Bob LaBlah

    @Kangol: It’s a generalization based on his “soft spoken” manner and appearing to be the type whom no girl wanted him as a boyfriend. The key word to understanding my comment is APPEAR. I should have included it in my earlier comment.

    In other words the man comes off to me as a converted-to-christianity-due-to-family-pressure closet case. The worst and most hypocritical kind. But hey, if he chooses to believe a man in the sky is who is guiding him and his thoughts then that is his prerogative and right to do so.

  • Glücklich

    Flouting? Conventions are flouted; sexuality may be flaunted.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    physician, heal thyself.

  • AtticusBennett

    there’s no such thing as “flaunting your sexuality” – that’s just something ignorant insecure bigots say of a gay man who makes no attempts to hide or be ashamed of his being gay.

  • Jamie Weldrick

    Maybe he should team up with trump fucking taint

  • Simon Peter

    I thinkfqueerty is just another hate group. I see this hate coming from all directions, from all sides, and it is sickening. Carson is RIGHT. I don’t want anyone publicly displaying inappropriate behavior. Even a prolonged kiss wants me to scream, gay or straight. Sick of it. SMH.

  • Don Olson

    There are a lot of sickos in this world and he happens to be one of them

  • Milton Appleby

    Wht do you have to flaunt around your idiocy and ignorance?

  • SteveDenver

    Carson has done an excellent job making sure nobody will mistake him for an educated person.

  • Luis H. Lopez

    You are an Uncle Tom and an Antigay bigot !

  • Captain Obvious

    @Michael Miller: Don’t drag black people into this. White guys wanted him to run for President.

  • Giancarlo85

    Where are all the gay Republicans infesting this site? Where are you? You need to defend Carson. Desertboy, Bj, and Alistair are flouting (lol) their stupidity on this site.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    They’re all noshing on hummus

  • Chris LaRosa

    I’m career military. And gay. I know a LOT of gay military members from all services, mostly senior ranking officers and NO ONE flaunts anything. The military personnel I know are professional and sharp leaders. BC is a MORON. Clueless. Not a surprise. The Republican prez candidates are all characterized by ignorance and fear. If the American public votes one of these knuckleheads into office we’re in deep trouble as a nation.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Simon Peter: You are so full of crap. This isn’t the Vatican. Go move there. I am sorry but you right wingers are the haters.

  • Tony Minutella

    Dingbat or douchebag? Take your pick

  • Atomicrob

    We could ask Carson why he goes around flaunting his homophobia . . . I won’t bother. We know he is a clueless religious zealot who lives in an alternate universe.

  • Auxifur Delfang Wolfgram

    Same thing goes for heterosexuals, as to why they go around flaunting theirs?

  • GayEGO

    Oh Benitia is just concerned that his sexuality will become public and he will be outed as a neuro-trans-gender!

  • russellhm

    May I ask, Dr. Carson, how you feel about Pres. Truman integrating the military? Would you prefer you black brethren to have ceased mentioning their unequal treatment? And Truman’s doing so was far more shocking than opening our military to LGBT citizens or allowing women to serve in combat. Hypocrisy shrouded by stupidity belies any medical degree or expertise in brain surgery you may have had. You’re a prime example that better to have people think you a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  • Cam

    He is totally right! And why should he flaunt his race?! Why can’t he wear whiteface when he goes out in public? And also, why should female soldiers flaunt their female-ness?? I mean why can’t they stuff a cucumber down the front of their underwear and wear nametags that say “Bob” or “Mike”?!?

  • Saps48

    He must not remember Gen. Omar Bradley’s words about Truman’s goal of integrating the armed forces: the Army “was no place for social experiments.”

    Some ignorant things never change. As Judge Judy often says, Beauty fades, dumb is forever…

  • John Malin

    Maybe, aside from bad grammar, flaunting your sexuality is natural for humans, unlike the flapping of your lips just to hear yourself talk. Bennie, GET LOST!

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    @1EqualityUSA: oh that made my day – thank you for the laugh.

    @Giancarlo85: The prostitutes outside Saint Peters Basilica might offend his darling eyes.

  • Donald Kirby

    He is so closeted but we don’t want him!

  • Desert Boy

    @Giancarlo85: GianCaCa85, you’re mentally ill. You seriously need to spend some time outside your mommy’s basement.

  • Niko Graff

    He does seem mentally ill, and intellectually deficient.

  • CWM85

    Carson might have been a great brain surgeon but it seems he needed surgery of his own. His quick fall in polls are astounding! President he will not be…

  • Wade DeGottardi

    I assume what we meant was “thank you for your service to our country.”

  • Xzamilio

    I guess I should support him because I’m black and he’s black, too? No? No.

  • CWM85

    Carson, huckabee cruz’s views on glbt people and women are completely full of ignorant, bigoted nonsense. These belong in a white room, not a white house lol..

  • Simon Greenham

    Ben ‘I’m going to lose ‘ Carson …

  • 1EqualityUSA

    There are likely a few O.R. nurses who feel relieved that Ben Carson is gone. Scrubs or not, nuts annoy.

    Now, the dorm-mates of Ted Cruz are still talking about this T-blossom, as though it were yesterday. Infamous, in ill-fitting jeans. ew. Fromunda-cheese. Oh. I must stop…(licks lips, salivating pre-emesis.) I wonder if his children are haters too. Talk about stacking the deck. What a fate. These gir’s never had a chance. Could you imagine having to grow up in their household. Talk about radicalization. These lil Texan haters, in pumps ‘n’ lace, are our future million-mom malignancy made in ‘merica.

  • James Rumsey

    Why is he flouting his blackness?

  • BJ McFrisky

    Hey, why not?
    It worked for Obama, right?

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Root beer flout, please.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Desert Boy: Oh I am sorry. Did I offend your weak mind? You are a Carson supporter, right? You are about as sensitive as I expected. You are the one that needs help. Too bad your brain surgeon candidate has gone senile. He really botched the lobotomy.

  • Xzamilio

    @BJ McFrisky: It works for Democrats, period… because they are the only group that puts the most emphasis on reaching out to minority communities. You can easily say there were black people that voted for Obama because he was black, and I’ll just turn around and say there were white people that didn’t vote for Obama because he was black… what can I say? I vote Independent because I don’t feel Democrats or Republicans have the interests of the American public at heart… so I didn’t vote for Obama the first time, but I did the second… Mitt Romney as a possibility was just unacceptable.

  • tommie53

    Uncle Tom

  • tommie53

    @tommie53: The people he is trying to impress don’t like him. I’m bet you anything he has slept with a man before.

  • Ralph Vendegna

    Jackass Bigot sure loves putting his foot in mouth disease.

  • Michael Kline

    A better question is why does he go around flouting that he is a horses ass?

  • Transiteer

    His initials are B.C. Coincidence? Probably not. The dumbest black man in America. No surgery for me, thanks.

  • mikey54

    Why do all you communist republicans have to be the worse bigots and people haters on the face of the earth carson? That is my question!

  • Timothy Warner

    He’s just a Jerky Bastard.

  • Barry Shatswell

    Why does he go around flounting his?

  • Desert Boy

    @Giancarlo85: Having Micro Penis Syndrome has really warped your sanity. No wonder you hide in your mommy’s basement.

  • L Streeter

    • My father bought a television in 1949; it was the first in our neighbourhood. At the time I was four-years-old, so it is fair to say that television and I grew-up together.
    • In all of my 65 years as a viewer, one thing I have noticed is that all of the television shows (not to mention radio, newspapers, movies, magazines, all advertisements and commercials, etc.) have always been overrun by openly heterosexual men and openly heterosexual women, doing their openly heterosexual thing (i.e., being openly heterosexual)—blatantly flaunting their “lifestyle choice” and relentlessly shoving their heterosexuality down our throats!
    • Everywhere we turn we are constantly bombarded by stories and images of openly heterosexual men and openly heterosexual women, and it has always been that way.
    • Don’t misunderstand me. There is nothing wrong with being openly heterosexual … if that is the “lifestyle” that one “chooses” … but why do openly heterosexual men and openly heterosexual women have to flaunt it all of the time? They’re openly straight! We get it! But why can’t they keep it to themselves, rather than constantly rubbing their heterosexuality in our faces?

  • Jon Kryander

    Ben why do you need to go around flaunting your stupidity????

  • Bad Ass Biker

    Ben, why do you have to go around flouting your stupidity?

  • Alistair Wiseman

    Politicians can say some stupid things. One of my all time favorite bloopers. It’s a classic.

  • Rimminit

    God I hate this POS!

  • youarekiddingme

    @Simon Peter: I don’t particularly care for you repubs espousing your religious bs either! Keep your religious crap to yourselves…Church/State Separation. Remember that for a change. Stop introducing it into every aspect of government when it has NO PLACE there.

    You don’t want gays “flaunting” their sexuality and I don’t want YOU flaunting your religious nonsense either.

    Have a nice day won’t you?

  • youarekiddingme

    @Giancarlo85: You have one repub here…Simon Peter…blames Obama for ISIS! Duh…

  • youarekiddingme

    @Alistair Wiseman: Ok, and your asshole repub candidates haven’t said a thing that was incorrect huh? I don’t even know if that tape is legit…If it is, the guy is probably exhausted…(you know what that is right), when you stay up without sleep…when working non-stop.

    I know about you..Mr. Perfect, you NEVER said anything that was incorrect in your ENTIRE LIFE! (Almost fell over when I typed that)!

    Alistair, same question…WHO ARE YOU VOTING FOR? I know it’s a repub candidate…Don’t tell me you are still undecided (cop out). If you had to vote right now, who would it be?

  • Kevin Wotipka

    ‘ We certainly have to wonder how the estimated 15,500 transgender service members currently serving in the U.S. Military feel about being referred to as “the transgender thing.” ‘

    Well, assuming the primaries don’t finish him off, “the Carson thing” will certainly be dealt with at the polls.

  • Michael Woodrow Jeffries

    In what hypocritical bubble does this Herero black man live? It’s the pot calling the kettle…

  • Bob LaBlah

    @Alistair Wiseman: Speaking of stupid things how is ol’ Michele Bachmann these days? Don’t hardly hear much from the ol’ whore. Last I heard she nearly caused a riot over in Israel saying jews should convert over to Christianity.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Desert Boy: Colombians have big dicks and I am no exception. Look at it this way though… You can be jealous of me all you want. I am flattered you are jealous… And usually the person who brings up penis size first, is the one with serious deficiencies in that area.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Alistair Wiseman: I could crash this site with stupid shit republicans have said. How about the rape comments? That is a republican tradition.

  • youarekiddingme

    @Giancarlo85: He won’t fucking comment…He won’t answer the question about who he’s voting for. He doesn’t want everyone else to see him for the true hypocrite that he is. A true rethuglican…Through and through!

  • Alistair Wiseman

    @Bob LaBlah:

    “Is it raining out?”

    Michelle is doing great! We had lunch last Saturday and she says, “Hi”. Thanks for asking Bob.

  • Mark Pointon

    Has anyone asked him why he’s been flouting his lately? Hideous breeder.

  • Eric Grich

    Clueless idiot!!

  • Garrett Kam

    why do YOU have to go around flouting your stupidity?

  • scotshot

    @Simon Peter: It must be a bitch for you attending a wedding.

  • scotshot

    @Alistair Wiseman: WOW! I guess you really showed us! BFD little one.

  • scotshot

    @Alistair Wiseman: Where’d you have that lunch? In the bushes while spying on gay people? Did you both masturbate?

  • Giancarlo85

    @youarekiddingme: Exactly. According to him he is still making up his mind lol. Of course this only means about which republican he will vote for in the primaries. He will definitely vote Republican next year.

  • James

    Go fuccccck yourself carson you are a sack of shitttttttttttt.

  • Clark

    Wow, just wow. There is so much wrong with this “article” that I don’t know where to begin. I guess I’ll just say that since reading little things on this little page I’ve learned much about the lunacy and absolute idiocy of the left. Not to mention the extreme views that one must be throwing their “gayness” in front of them at every turn and opportunity in life. I’ll never understand those for whom their sexuality is their only identity. What a sad existence. And don’t you ever get tired of the taste of Obama’s colon? The constant fawning is nauseating.
    Why do I check out the page,you might ask? It’s mildly amusing to see what shallow folks find ‘important’….and ….it reinforces the opposition’s points over and over.
    One would think that those who yell the loudest for acceptance and diversity would offer a little of that themselves, but the we all know that isn’t how the world works.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Clark: How does kissing right wing ass feel like? There is so much wrong with your post. You are completely hysterical like most on the right wing. Carson is imbalanced… For a supposedly educated man he has proven completely ignorant.

    Your post is nauseating and I have heard it all before. First off, I am left wing because I care about the future. You obviously are wrapped up in delusions and lies. Funny you kiss up to a political ideology that hates any sort of differences and politicians who praise pastors that want gay people executed. But please tell us more, praytell.

  • Giancarlo85

    And if you want idiocy look at the Republican party. Idiocy, insanity and extreme intolerance. But keep it up with the bullshit! By the way, I am being myself. I will not hide my sexual orientation because you think I should live in the closet.

  • scotty

    well well…in one day…trump removes any chance of being taken seriously and ben carson well, hes still ben clueless carson….no trump, no carson. no chance. cmon bernie you gotta do this. we can do this.

  • Michael Carley

    Why do you go around flaunting your blackness? Because its innate. What a stupid question from a intelligent man.

  • Sluggo2007

    What is the surprise here? Blacks are well known for murdering the English language.

    • scotshot

      @BJ McFrisky: You’re the third person in the bushes with Michelle and Alistair, furiously masturbating alongside them.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    scotty, Don’t be a “Bern” victim. He’ll be bowled over by the dark ones, much like the lovely and kind Jimmy Carter was. Clinton is tough and knows how to circumvent the manufactured icebergs put in our path by the “do-nothing” Republicans. Bernie looks as though he’s going to pop. Have you seen the veins on his forehead when he’s making a point? He is over his head on foreign affairs. Recently, he even refused to talk about foreign affairs, opting to turn beet-red and speak of domestic issues only. Clinton has world experience and a husband who is invested in her having a successful presidency in order to bolster the Clinton name in our history books. Moderation is key to having staying power in future elections. Common sense and moderation is key.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Sluggo2007 does not know Maya Angelou’s work.

  • Alan David Smith

    isis, planned parenthood, crumbling infastructure, 18 trillion dollar debt. riots in the streets. trade issues. enviromental situations. laws concerning everything from the internet. to gmo’s. intreast rates to veterans affairs. to the cost of living increases. that those of us living on s.s. didn’t get. he may have to appoint 3 supreme court judges. and during his term in office people will vote for new congress man or women from certain states. and weather a marine wears combat boots or hussy red stilletos while taking down. terriorists. is his biggest concern. says a lot about. what he wont be doing.

  • Jack Walter

    I wonder how he would feel if someone told him not to flaunt his Blackness. Not too happy, I would guess.

  • Tackle

    He’s a perfect example of someone who is highly educated, but very dumb.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Tackle: I think he has gone senile.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Tackle, The man has a shrine built to himself in his home. Try telling him that.

  • Giancarlo85

    @scotty: Na. Bernie has started to sink in various polls. And his grasp of foreign policy is quite embarrassing. We all know Hillary has it.

  • 1EqualityUSA


    Say little, do much.

  • Joe

    Carson, really? What planet do this man live on? Flouting sexuality? Seriously? One can not be proud of who they are? For being a brain surgeon, he says some really stupid things. One can ask Bennie here, “Why do you have to go around flouting like your made of Presidential material?” At the end of the day, he’s not. He’s simply another jerk on the long list of an already over-crowded bigoted Presidential runners.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    Flout ‘n’ proud.

  • jcmoore2010

    guess the old saying better to remain quiet, then open one’s mouth and remove all doubt (about carson being an idiot) applies.

  • BJ McFrisky

    @Alistair Wiseman: Which begs the question, Was it a Freudian slip, being that Islam has 57 states?

  • NSB2244

    First of all Mr Carson, it is flaunting not flouting and secondly, why you, a supposedly educated man, are flaunting your ignorance?

  • Giancarlo85

    @BJ McFrisky: What a snoozefest. First off, Obama is a Christian. Secondly, can you get away from that crap? We had enough of that under the Dubya administration and are still trying to fix all the damage.

  • BJ McFrisky

    @Clark: Didn’t you know that independent opinions aren’t tolerated around here, Clark?
    The Queerty slogan, rather than “Free of An Agenda . . . Except That Gay One,” should be “Lockstep Liberalism or Leave.” Because, you know, all of us ought to have identical values, or something like that.

  • BJ McFrisky

    @Giancarlo85: Silence, woman!

  • Dan Duprey

    A former brain surgeon, but dumb as mud.

  • passingthru

    He isn’t running for president. He is running for post-election speaking gigs. The more that he offends certain people and gets media attention, the more money he will draw for speaking engagements. There are a lot of people who will pay big money to listen to this kind of nonsense. He’s marching to Palin’s playbook.

  • Frank House

    I think, Dr. Carson, you meant “flaunting” not flouting…but then I’m not a brain surgeon. You should have teamed up with Sarah and made it a real go….it’s not to late! lol

  • youarekiddingme

    @Clark: You make a great point…in a fucked up way…”those who yell the loudest for acceptance and diversity would offer a little of that themselves…”

    Is your brain ok today Clark?

    Diversity and acceptance…Don’t you think that the folks here (majority independent and democrat) have supported diversity and acceptance? Diversity…don’t we have a black President? Fuckin repubs hated that. Everyone in that party cringed at the thought of it.

    “…those throwing their gaynes…” I don’t know what that even means. I served in the Army before DADT (in the closet of course). Had a second career (civil service). In both of those careers I couldn’t talk about being gay, having a partner or anything about my personal life so I have no FUCKING idea what you’re talking about! Hell, I can’t even put my husband on my pension or insurance because we weren’t married (because it wasn’t legal) when I retired!! Flaunt that fucking gayness!!! Been together 24 years and married less than 1 (thanks to SCOTUS).

    Stick your “flaunting our gayness” straight up your ass mister! You have no fucking idea what you’re talking about!!

  • scotshot

    @BJ McFrisky: Oh BJ, is your brain hurting again? it seems there is much back and forth on this website and unlike most conservative sites your dissenting opinion is not deleted and you are not barred. Most here know that to agree with your out of the mainstream views would be to advocate against themselves. You are the antithesis of gay people, but we still allow you your voice, something that’s rarely been allowed by your crowd over millennia.

    Don’t like it? Leave.

    Fuck off.

  • scotshot

    @Clark: @Clark: (yawn)

  • Giancarlo85

    @BJ McFrisky: Oh I am sorry… I didn’t realize your misinformed opinions are protected from criticism. You are a weakling. You can’t handle any form of criticism. Go back to whatever squawk box website you came from. And it is ironic you talk about dissent, yet tell me to be quiet along with some misogyny thrown in. I am a guy.

    You are a classic hypocrite.

  • Sansacro

    @Simon Peter: All dat hand holding and kissy kissy makes you want to “scream” sweetie. Try standing out of the sun, you poor delicate little bo-peep.

  • Jeff Scott

    So sick of this dumb argument. I have to watch straight people every day, in movies, tv shows, and the real world, show affection…yet I’ve never said “Why do you have to flaunt your straightness”.

  • moldisdelicious

    Well homophobes will homophobe. Still doesn’t give some of you guys commenting a reason to be ignorant as well though.

  • Jaroslaw

    The one thing that has not been discussed is Carson was not demeaning to women. If the job requires X, then X should be the standard whether male or female. If it makes no difference and is there simply to exclude then it should be abolished.

  • twinkie1cat

    This is the quality of the candidates of the GOP. They are out of touch with reality. It’s no wonder they are in trouble with their own party being split into thirds. One debate with Hillary and the frontrunners will look like Sarah Palin on steroids. I think even Bernie could put them in their place.

  • scotty

    @1EqualityUSA: as long its not a republican in the white house, im ok. thanks for the reply. i do agree.

  • scotty

    @Giancarlo85: yes that is the way it’s looking now. im ok with that.

  • Redpalacebulleaglesox

    I say this as an Army vet. The only thing that i care about is if the soldiers covering my 6 can put as much hot steel downrange to keep the other guys from plowing my sorry ass away. I don’t care what color they are, which God who pray or don’t pray to, where they born and most importantly what their sexuality is. It is obvious from the ignorant things he says that Carson never served so much as a second in the military, never mind get a “full scholarship” to the USMA or any other service academy.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Jaroslaw: Somebody needs to ask Trump or Carson about rape. Rape is a topic republicans always like talking about. Remember one republican said just to enjoy it and let it happen.

    • scotshot

      @Alistair Wiseman:

      Another fiction brought to us from the ilk who produced the Planned Parenthood video, Acorn video, thousands of 911 is fake videos, Obama’s birth certificate videos and of course the all time favorite of low information GOP Tea Party fans: Benghazi! Ben Ghazi! BenGhazi!

      Then we also have Alistair Wiseman who never fails to disappoint us with his extreme level of ignorance.

  • Alistair Wiseman


    You stated, “it seems there is much back and forth on this website and unlike your conservative sites your dissenting opinion is not deleted and you are not barred.”

    What are you talking about! This very website uses censorship! I have seen several posts entirely deleted by the liberal Queerty editors. As I am sure you are well aware, there are certain words you cannot use in your post without being censored by Queerty.

    I would like to hear more about these “conservative sites” that are deleting and barring desenting opinion.

    Please list for me the top most viewed “conservative sites” that are deleting and barring free expression.






  • Alistair Wiseman


    Still waiting on those “conservative sites”.

    You made an accusation, back it up.

  • scotshot

    @Alistair Wiseman:

    Offensive and bigoted posts are generally deleted on Queerty.

    Do you actually believe I’ll fill out a little list for you because you’e demanded it? And for you to state to state con sites are bastions of tolerance is beyond the pale.

    Another ignorant post from Queerty’s resident ignoramus, Alistair Wiseman.

    Thanks, you’re always good for a laugh.

  • Alistair Wiseman


    Speaking of rape, isn’t it touching that Hillary Clinton went to bat for her husband during all those years of sexual assault and rape accusations?

    She really is such a supporter of women.

  • Alistair Wiseman


    Once again (how many times is this now?), you have made an accusation and you can’t back it up. :-(

    Never learn.

    • scotshot

      @Alistair Wiseman: Accusations? You mean like the accusations you’ve just made about President Clinton? When was he indicted? When did he serve jail time? Of course there was the impeachment, but what man has EVER admitted to receiving a BJ? BFD.

  • Alistair Wiseman


    So you think that the GOP frontrunners “are out of touch with reality” and Bernie could put them in their place?

    Maybe so, but speaking of “reality”, Bernie is awfully busy trying to inform everybody that climate change is causing terrorism.

  • Alistair Wiseman


    Sweetheart, do you not know the definition of accusation?

  • Giancarlo85

    @Alistair Wiseman: You really take the cake for human stupidity. Republicans are often caught in lies and have been the center of sexual assault and rape charges. Many of them have had to resign and quit. Your accusations against Bill Clinton are false. We already gone through this. The republican party failed miserably.

    You gay conservatives are an embarrassment to everybody on here. Yes this is a liberal site and we post logic and reason. Not vapid stupidity.

    • scotshot

      @Giancarlo85: I don’t believe that “Alistair Wiseman” Is gay and probably not even a male. He/she exhibits all the qualities of a $10/hr Troll.

  • Giancarlo85

    @Alistair Wiseman: I could post millions of videos of stupid republicans and bring up old quotes that you have made. You really are an embarrassment. Why is it a mass majority of people with college degrees voted for Obama twice and are mainly democrat? The majority of republican voters are brainless and have no clue about how they are hurting this country.

    • scotshot

      @Alistair Wiseman:

      Accusation: A claim or charge that someone has done something illegal or wrong.

      I stand by my post.

      Alistair Wiseman is the Donald Trump, Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin, someone who lies and talks big but can’t deliver.

      PS: Still waiting on your proof of President Clinton’s sexual assault and rape allegations?

  • BJ McFrisky

    @Giancarlo85: made the statement, “I am a guy.”
    Thanks for the laugh, sister.

  • Giancarlo85

    @BJ McFrisky: You’re a total douchebag who had a bike accident when he was younger… look no nuts.

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