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UNC A Capella Group Ousted Gay Member. Too Bad It’s Against School Policy

Psalm 100 is a Christian a capella group at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that, like almost all campus groups, receives funding from tuition fees. Which means when the singing group voted to oust gay member Will Thomason, in addition to being major asshats they were violating UNC’s non-discrimination policy.

Wow, North Carolina is not the place to be a homo these days.

How did the group defend its actions? Well, thankfully the Lord provided Psalm 100 director Blake Templeton with a divine rationalization revelation enabling him to explain that Thomason was removed for his views on homosexuality, not for his personal sexual orientation.

“It’s really easy in this situation for the focus to be on this one thing—the homosexuality,” Templeton told the Daily Tar Heel. “It wasn’t about that. It was really about a disagreement with something that was clearly written in Scripture and in the Bible and we just have to base all of our decisions, constitutionally… on the Bible.”

UNC administrators have begun looking into the incident:

“We are on notice that there is a question as to whether or not a student organization has acted in compliance with the policy or not,” Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Winston Crisp told the Tar Heel. “We take that very seriously and that will be investigated.”

While we would assume a person’s creed would be protected by any anti-discrimination codes, UNC’s policy states that student groups can limit membership to those who share beliefs but they can’t exclude based on personal characteristics like sexual orientation. Says Crisp:

“Our commitment to non-discrimination is bedrock strong but so is our commitment to the First Amendment rights of freedom of association. The non-discrimination policy for student organizations tries very hard to balance those issues.”

Thomason, a senior who’s been with the group since his freshman year, is surprisingly demure about the whole situation:

“I’m especially appreciative of the willingness of the larger UNC community to openly engage in the dialogue and I trust there will be continued respect for all parties involved.”

Jeez, buddy, try growing a pair.

In a recent podcast, Dan Savage made an excellent point: if Psalm 100 is truly following the word of the Bible, how can they allow females to sing in a choir—or to vote on the expulsion of a male member?

As it is written in I Timothy, 2:11:

“Let a woman learn in silence with all submission. And I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man, but to be in silence.”

Oh you didn’t think we could pull New Testament verses out of our ass, did you?

If anyone reading this goes to UNC or has a friend or family member there, please encourage them to file a complaint with the University. Clearly, Psalm 100 is a horde of  God-hating hypocrites and they must be stopped.

Stoned even, if we’re really gonna get biblical about it.