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Uncle Clifford’s fabulous top 5 lewks from ‘P-Valley’ Season 1

Nicco Annan as Uncle Clifford (courtesy: Starz)

The Pynk is about to re-open, and we cannot wait to finally be back amongst the fabulous dancers of Starz’s acclaimed drama, P-Valley.

Damn, we have missed our girls!

But you know we would be lying if we said there isn’t one gorgeously OTT character we’ve been missing most of all: The Pynk’s larger-than-life, fierce and fiercely loyal owner and proprietrix, Uncle Clifford (Nicco Annan).

When we last saw P-Valley’s gender-fluid H.B.I.C., she’d just broken things off with her closeted paramour, up-and-coming Mississippi Delta rapper Lil Murda (J. Alphonse Nicholson) and entered into an uneasy alliance with dancer Autumn (Elarica Johnson) to save the club.

When Season 2 premieres on June 3, the ladies are dealing with the toll the pandemic has taken on their community while preparing for The Pynk’s grand re-opening. And unsurprisingly, Uncle Clifford and Autumn are butting heads as they both attempt run the show.

But even with all that turmoil going on, Uncle Clifford still always manages to turn a hell of a look.

These are just five of her best from Season 1 to get us all primed for Season 2.

1. Season 1, Episode 3: Red Lace For Days

Uncle Clifford routinely turns out show-stopping looks to preside over The Pynk every night. But she doesn’t restrict her sartorial flair to the club—or even to the dark of night. She lives out loud every moment of every day, and this crimson ensemble proves it. Never one to be trifled with, she shows up in the middle of a field in broad daylight to have a serious discussion wearing—possibly in a defiant nod to Antebellum fashion—a brocade top with bell sleeves, a red lace parasol, and a literal bustle. The lady means business.

2. Season 1, Episode 3: Blue Diamond Vibes

Oh, the drama of this look! The drama! The stick straight icy blonde wig practically glows in the cold blue light of The Pynk’s VIP room, mingling with a shimmering cascade of rhinestone strands. And that’s not all. Click through the Instagram post above for a look at the thigh-high vinyl boots. If you didn’t know already, this fit tells you all you need to know about Uncle Clifford: she’s hard as a diamond and just as precious.

3. Season 1, Episode 7: The New Black Panther

Willing to do just about anything to save her club—and the livelihoods of her dancers and employees—Uncle Clifford is ready to do battle against a proposed casino. Never one to miss an opportunity to make a statement with her wardrobe, she’s dressed for a fight in this look that hearkens back to activist Angela Davis and the Black Panther Party.

4. Season 1, Episode 8: Death Becomes Her

Among her many talents—momager, emcee, mentor, boss bitch—Uncle Clifford is an expert at communicating via fashion. So, when the powers-that-be shut down The Pynk and basically destroy the business and community she’s worked so hard to build, she lets them know how she feels about it. Attending the public auction of the shuttered club alongside her formidable grandmother (the iconic Loretta Devine), she is dressed for mourning in head-to-toe black, including some stunning onyx fur. Fur. In Mississippi. Give her all the flowers—in this case lilies.

5. Season 1, Episode 5: Angel Baby

You know what? Sometimes girls just wanna have fun, and that’s what this frilly concoction is: unapologetic fun. Check the Instagram post above for the head-to-toe: Uncle Clifford might be channeling Shirley Temple, Courtney Love, or both in this gauzy, pearl studded baby doll top. Meanwhile the crimped blonde in a high ponytail is serving high 80s nonsense.

Just try telling Uncle Clifford she’s not the prettiest princess at The Pynk.