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Under The Boardwalk‘s Producers Don’t Want Gay Versions Of Jersey Shore‘s Cast. Lies!

We’re not looking to create a gay version of the ‘Jersey Shore’ or to find ‘the gay Snooki.’ And in no way will this be anything that has a negative effect on the LGBT community. We’re hoping for anything compelling, because you never know what’s going to walk through the door.

—Kate Siegel, the straight producer of the tentatively titled Under The Boardwalk, a gay Jersey Shore show currently casting. Except:

But if we do find ‘the gay Snooki,’ of course we’d be thrilled. We want this to be a fun, crazy show. But these are people’s children. They could be your family or your neighbor’s family. We want to tell their stories.

—Kim Friedman, the show’s co-producer, and Kate’s mother