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Understanding Same-Sex Marriage Is Now Easier Than Paint By Numbers


We’ve already wasted upwards of 15 minutes on this engaging flow-chart of same-sex marriage, where arguments for and against letting gays exchange vows get boiled down into something a 3rd grader can understand. Which is necessary, since most of the arguments against same-sex marriage are perpetrated by the immature. Click for larger version. (PFarley via JMG)

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  • prissysissy

    Outstanding! Thanks Queerty for “making me” waste 5mins of valuable work time enjoying this. :-)

  • Jake the libertarian

    My favorite is the “fag to English dictionary” quote. I LOL’d.

  • Kid A

    I personally think very linearly and visually, this is right up my alley. Thanks!

  • Hans

    Is there a source for that “fag-to-english dictionary” quote? Google search was inconclusive, I only found more blog entries about this chart.

  • Dizz

    I am so gay and I love it!
    Cock makes me happy.
    Lots of happy.

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