PHOTOS: Three New Underwear Brands To Watch In 2013


Last year saw the arrival of a whole crop of new underwear brands, but what’s in store for 2013? Check out three international companies that are launching new styles—and sexy marketing campaigns—in the new year!



Though headquartered in L.A., Vanwolff gets its name from Vancouver, where designer Andrew Maxin is from. (“Wolff” is because, well, wolves are sexy and predatory).  After a fashion show in Los Angeles last summer, Maxin and partner Mark Waier  will officially launch Vanwolff’s debut collection in spring 2013.



urban active 3

Urban Active

This Liverpool-based line made a splash last summer, delivering 100 pairs of trunks to Prince Harry after his naked billiards romp in Vegas. If that weren’t genius enough, the brand then staged an underwear invasion that had hunks from the British Air Force taking to the streets in their skivvies. If the brand keeps marketing themselves the way they are, it’ll only be a matter of time before Prince Harry is modeling the underwear himself.

Currently available in black, white and gray, Urban Active’s stretch boxer briefs are capped with metallic waist that’s just flashy enough to make an impression without going overboard.




Garçon Model

With a nod to timeless style and solid masculinity, Vancouver’s Garçon Model exudes sex appeal, both with their underwear and their sensual marketing. The brand currently offers classic cuts in a nylon-and-elastane fabric, with colorful waistbands that boast an awesome wraparound logo. “Our goal is to provide a classic elegance that will make men feel confident,” said Mehdi Mebarki, founder and creative director.

For more underwear brands to watch in 2013, visit The Underwear Expert, the ultimate resource for men’s underwear news, model photos, and underwear releases.

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  • CaptainFabulous

    Pouches dammit! We big boys need anatomically correct underwear with POUCHES! It’s like making a bra without cups. Why is this so difficult???

  • Niall

    Urban Active automatically caught my attention with that ass! The rest not so much

  • Spike

    @Niall: And you know your ass will look just like the pic too! You best go get yourself a pair ASAP!

  • DarthKitsune

    I haven’t worn underwear since middle school, and these aren’t tempting enough to make me reconsider.

  • AndrewIB

    Well the underwear is all stunning but the guys are simply breathtaking..

    Oh what must it be like to be one of the beautiful people..I would so love to have known.

  • Dominickj

    @DarthKitsune: I totally agree. Commando for me!!!

  • cbbear

    Designers it’s about time you think about those of us needing big pouches and not the stuff your trying to pass off as pouches. Jerry

  • balehead

    hawt models not included…damm!

  • Mehdi

    Listen to you guys! Your negative comments are pathetic… bitter queens. And by the way pouches look ridiculous.

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