Underwear Campaign Features Only Normal, “Relatable” Models. Well, Almost.

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We’re not going to lie — we do not mind when hot, built guys model for underwear advertisements. Everyone is beautiful and all that good stuff, but there’s a reason Michelangelo decided to sculpt David and not David’s portly uncle, Larry.

You’ll get ’em next time, Larry.

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But just because it’s objectively appealing to see gorgeous near-naked undie adverts, that doesn’t mean every ad for every pair of boxer briefs needs to feature David Beckham or Tyson Beckford. Variety is the spice of life!

And companies are beginning to pick up on that, attracting attention in the process.

American Eagle recently launched their #aerieman campaign featuring regular guys — well, three regular guys and one chiseled underwear model. Don’t want to shoot too far out of the box, do we?

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The ads all feature the tagline “The real you is sexy,” focusing more on being comfortable in your own skin than on looking any certain way.

We applaud the sentiment, but we hope gorgeous models still have a future posing in their skivvies — for own own sake.

Check out the spots below: