AFL-CIO, Others Pledge Support For ENDA

Unions Coming Out For Gays

America stands on the brink of a new non-discriminatory era.

As Representatives Barney Frank, Deborah Pryce and their allies advocate for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, America’s largest union federation, AFL-CIO and about a dozen smaller unions have joined the fight for equality.

Pride at Work, an AFL-CIO constituency group, has been rallying the hard working troops to push Congress to pass the measure, which has been tossed around Congress since 1974.

Now, PAW’s making one final call for action.

Via the AFL-CIO blog:

Pride at Work is hard at work rallying unions behind ENDA. The results are impressive–13 national and international unions and the national AFL-CIO have endorsed the bill. But there is much more to do. Pride at Work is sponsoring a national Call-In Day to Silence Discrimination Sept. 20, when union members will pass out leaflets in their union halls and workplaces supporting the bill. On that day, you can call the congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121 to show support for the bill.

PAW will also join forces with HRC to place an ad in DC-based magazine Roll Call. Will big money and hard workers be able to make change? Let’s hope so…