Unitard Takes A Totally Tasteless, Completely Hilarious Look At Gays Making Babies

Nora Burns, Mike Albo and David Ilku have been skewering modern culture with their comedy troupe, Unitard, for years now. Mike and David are gay, and Nora’s got one of those gay-men-trapped-in-a-lady’s-body things going on. In this Funny or Die clip, Mike and David play a pretentious New York gay couple of a certain age who realize if they wanna be hot daddies, they better get a baby. And Nora has just the dusty womb they need.

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  • abel

    Why can’t I laugh at this?

  • grz999

    Huh? This is “hilarious” NOT!!! – don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good laugh at my own community, but this certainly is TASTELESS but not hilarious, not even from a homophobe’s point of view (you know, someone who wants to hate this or use this as a stereotype…) Someone on the queerty staff has a strange sense of humor or has a self-deprecating issue.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    Die, not funny!

  • Analog

    Made me laugh.

  • Craig

    One could imagine how it may be funny, if done well. It is not.This clip feeds from a mix of very old stereotypes and recent ones that only a few would understand. Leaving those in the mainstream possibly confused. This is played on a website that a mix of people view. I believe this feeds negatively on the gay community. Questioning how many positive things about the community need to be seen to undue the negative impact it may have?

  • Hello

    It’s funny because it’s true!

  • LaTeesha

    Who in the world thinks gay dads are hot? They have bags under their eyes from no sleep, they get flabby from like of time at the gym, and they can’t talk about anything but their kids.

  • Oh well

    Oh, get over yourselves. If gays are still supposed to censor ourselves to not offend the mainstream, we might as well all get back in the closet. It made me laugh :)

  • MickeyP.

    Stupid as hell. Not at all funny. Idiots,like them,make me cringe to think they are even gay!

  • Jon

    I tried to find it funny. I wasn’t successful.

  • Jonathan

    Nora Burns in hell. This shit is terrible.

  • daftpunkydavid

    must admit i laughed more than i wanted to!

  • Oh well

    The skit is an exaggeration, of course, but most of us know guys just like that, even if maybe it is a dog instead of a child.

  • BlindedNYC

    i really wanted this to be funny.

    it wasn’t.

  • Callum

    Not funny, bad nasty stereotypes, not at all representative of my gay world.

  • rick


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