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University Adopts New Policy To Keep Gay Weddings Off Campus Grounds

Loyola-University-Chicago-Piper-HallAhead of Illinois’ gay marriage law going into effect in June, Loyola University Chicago has adopted a new policy that will restrict same-sex couples from wedding on campus.

The university is refusing to comment and distancing itself from seeming antigay by also restricting wedding access to any couple who isn’t Roman Catholic-sanctioned and has ties to the school.

But the timing sure is convenient. The move comes only months after student Christine Irvine filed a petition to persuade the school to honor the state law by allowing same-sex ceremonies.

“It’s really disheartening,” she told the Windy City Times. “It’s a sign of the non-acceptance and non-tolerance of the LGBT students on campus … a sign of disrespect of our love compared to our peers.”

It’s also a backwards-thinking move at a time when 58 percent of American Catholics approve of gay marriage (higher than the national average).

We get that change is hard to fathom for deep-rooted institutions, but the wave of gay marriage has already begun to swell and universities of all places should be riding it to shore before it crashes over their heads.