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University employee accused of filming unsuspecting man pleasuring himself in bathroom stall

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, voyeurism is “the practice of obtaining sexual gratification from observing others.” It can be a lot of fun… provided all parties are OK with being observed.

An Oregon State University employee is facing criminal charges for allegedly recording unsuspecting men, including one who was masturbating, in a university restroom.

35-year-old Andres Lazaro Lopez is a Ph.D. Candidate and Success Assessment Coordinator at the school. He is charged with one felony count of first-degree invasion of privacy and two misdemeanor counts of second-degree invasion of privacy after being accused of videotaping several unsuspecting men inside the stall in a Valley Library restroom.

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According to court documents, the alleged incident happened in May of last year in the sixth-floor men’s room of the university library.

The Albany Democrat-Herald reports:

According to a search warrant affidavit filed by an Oregon State Police investigator, Lopez is accused of using a pencil-sized hole in a bathroom stall to watch a man who was masturbating and videotaping the man without his consent by using his cellphone.

Lopez had his cell phone seized by Oregon State Police last August.

This week, he pled not guilty in a Benton County Circuit Court. His attorney, Joshua W. Hunking, says his client’s actions are being misinterpreted.

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“Cruising has sprung up as one way that gay men can engage in consensual sex interactions while attempting to avoid social and criminal judgement for those innately human acts,” Hunking says.

“I encourage the general public to reserve judgment in this case as we work toward a resolution.”

Meanwhile, Lt. Craig Flierl, who oversees the Oregon State Police substation at OSU, says the holes that were drilled in the bathroom stalls have been covered.

“The university didn’t waste any time in preventing that from happening again,” Flierl says.

According to Lopez’s LinkedIn profile, as well as the OSU’s website, he is still employed at the university. He is scheduled to appear in court again on February 11.

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