University prez accused of drugging & threatening secret gay lover now on forced leave

Via Fisk University

Dr. Kevin Rome Sr., the president of Fisk University accused of drugging, robbing and threatening a secret gay lover, has been officially placed on leave by the school.

A Tennessee magistrate granted a restraining order to an anonymous man against Fisk earlier this month. In the court filings, the man claimed to have met Rome–who is married to a woman and has two children–on Grindr. After a consensual hook-up, Rome reportedly appeared at the man’s home several weeks later. At that time, the victim claims, Rome drugged him with GHB before inviting several other men over to have sex with him in his drugged state. The accuser also alleges that Rome vandalized and robbed his home, and later sent him threatening message saying he “should stay away from his people and threatened to kill me if I continued to date black men.”

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Now NBC reports Fisk University has responded to the restraining order, placing Rome on mandatory leave.

“Fisk University learned that allegations unrelated to our school had been made against University President Kevin Rome, PhD,” the school said in a statement.  “As this is a personal matter not connected to the school, we cannot comment on the specifics. Dr. Rome has been placed on leave until the matter is resolved and Provost Vann Newkirk, PhD, will assume his duties effective immediately.”

Jay Steed, an attorney for Rome, also released a statement denying all charges against the University President, and saying that he plans to fight the allegations in court.

“It is important to note that these are merely civil accusations,” Steed said in a statement. “Dr. Rome has not been charged with any crime. Dr. Rome is most concerned for his family, friends and the community at Fisk University for any harm they are experiencing as a result of these spurious charges. He expresses his deepest thanks to all those who have reached out to him over the past few days expressing their support.”

The restraining order against Dr. Rome forbids him from having any contact with his accuser.