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Univision, Sun-Sentinal Quickly Convinced Polling Online Readers About Homosexuals Looks Ridiculous

After reading about Univision’s poll asking “Is soccer compatible with sexuality?” and the South Florida Sun-Sentinal‘s poll asking “Do you think gay people should have equal rights?” on Queerty, GLAAD got all up in the shit of these two media companies, both of which promptly yanked their offensive questions. I feel like a police informant!

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  • Justin

    With LGBT Blogs we no longer need GLAAD. They are a waste of $15 million/year.

  • Jeffree

    Both polls violated every usual principle of valid polling. The questions they asked were slanted in one direction and vague; the options listed almost guaranteed a predictable result. If the poll had been better constructed, it *might* have been an interesting view of the Latin population in the US, but i’m glad they pulled them.

    Reminds me too much some of the FOX polls which are so skewed as to make them useless other than as fodder for the mindless commentators they have !

  • Joe

    @Justin: last I checked GLAAD’s budget was far less than 15 million a year. you should ask what state and local gay groups (like mine) which are supported by GLAAD would say about that idea. I live in the midwest and I find their work incredibly useful for our activism here.

  • Fucking Illiterate Queerty Fags

    It’s Sun-Sentinel, you fucking illiterate Queerty fags. It’s right there in the screen grab and you still can’t fucking spell it right.

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