Unlike Bend It Like Beckham, the Lesbian Stars of Queens Of The World Can Play Soccer

Queens Of The World is the upcoming lesbian soccer film from writer-director Mel Robertson. We say “upcoming” because they haven’t started shooting yet; that starts this summer. But from the sound of it — actual lesbian soccer players from the one-year-old Women’s Professional Soccer will star! — it’s something we definitely want to see. Two lady athletes in love? Yes please! Robertson and Queens‘s cast and crew were on hand at The Dinah to discuss the picture; namely, how hard it is for any movie, let alone one about lesbian soccer players, to get a distributor.

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  • TommyOC

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Something tells me that WPS won’t be too keen on letting its marquee lesbians star in the film. You’ll either get them as background characters or some retired/second-stringer will get cast.

    While I love the idea and would gladly see the movie in whatever form it takes – it’s about soccer, after all! – there is something to be said about reinforcing the idea that not all women athletes are lesbian. Just like not all male hairstylists are gay. It’s the elimination of a stereotype, after all… and we should be for that. And this movie doesn’t help that cause.

  • India Allen

    I can’t help but feel that the previous comment is somewhat contradicting.

    Elimination of stereotype will only happen when people become open minded.

    Not all women athletes are gay but some are.

    Not all male hairstylists are straight but some are.

    Is that to say films should be shot according to their portrayal of gender? Because if that’s the case all films should be shot in black and white. Colourless.

    Not every straight person has the same story.

    Not every gay person has the same story.

    We are all individuals.

    Some of us are writers. Open minded writers with a story to tell. In this case the story is colourful. Some may not relate to it’s sexuality but there are many themes within the script that are universal.

    Here’s to open minds.

  • Leigh Piercy

    I for one, can’t wait for this film to come out. Not only will it be putting womens soccer & sport back on the mainstream map, but will also be starring women who actually CAN & DO play soccer AND understand the sport, unlike most of the sports based movies out now.
    As for ‘the elimination of a stereotype’, if you take a scout round, you’ll find that most gay men & women are too scared of reprisals to come ‘out’, especially those in the public eye like sports men & women.
    For more info check out the website

  • DeeG

    @TommyOC – there is something to be said about reinforcing the idea that not all women athletes are STRAIGHT,it’s the elimination of a stereotype, after all… and we should be for that. And this movie DOES help that cause. I might be wrong, but I read/heard nothing about this film that says that ALL female athletes are lesbians..are you projecting that stereotype onto this film? The fact is that athletes, like the rest of society, come from every sector of the sexual identity spectrum and we have our stories to tell. I think this film is going to try to tell an honest love story between two athletes. As for the WPS, I hope that they have the foresight not to deny the existence of the full spectrum of female athletes. With professional sports of any kind it’s all about the bottom line so we’ll see if contracts and league politics allow players to appear. I hope the WPS sees the benefits and looks past the “stereotypes”.

  • Mindschmootz

    This is a movie written from the personal perspective and personal experience of a screenwriter that just happens to be a lesbian. Therefore, the love story part is between two women. Sport has no official sexual orientation, and the drama behind the sport is the starting player in this movie.

    Sometimes I believe we get too caught up in the “is it gay enough” and lose sight of is it “good enough”. Judging from the script pages available on Queens Facebook and the public readings, I say yes, the foundation for a great movie of sport is there. I wasn’t a patron of a gay bar when the entire clientele came to their feet in celebration after the dramatic conclusion of the Women’s World Cup of 1999. It was for the win…and no one cared who was a lesbian and who wasn’t. I see that potential with Queens of the World.

  • Amber (annahgrrl)

    I have to say I’m finding no downside to this movie. An inspiring and well written sports story (more specifically about women’s sports) and a love story (more specifically same-sex love story); which so far seems to be written/produced/performed by women who understand both the sport & the love.
    As for reinforcing sterotypes…the truth is not all female athletes are gay, but many are; and not all gay women are athletes, but many are. With the lack of quality movies about strong female athletes, whether they be gay or straight, I don’t think we have enough information to determine if sterotypes are being reinforced.

    I am one of those folks whose love of lesbian love-stories, is second only, to my love for a great sports movie. In this movie, I get both (along w/Nicole Pacent)…so seriously, ‘Queens of the World’ already has me hooked.

  • sarah ann james

    I for one, am looking forward to the film.
    1) It’s about a sport i love (big man u fan)
    2) More importantly ity’s about WOMENS football, an area in the
    sport which, unforunatli not got as much advertisng lime light
    as there mail counterparts and they are just as good. If not
    better in some cases !!!!
    3) The film isn’t about “reinforcing the idea that not all women athletes are lesbian. Just like not all male hairstylists are gay.”
    – TommyOC
    4) It’s about the sport in general, and the subplot
    (lovestory) between the 2 main characters is between to women
    as the film is, based upon personal,experience and view
    of a producer,screen writer, director who is a LESBIAN if she
    then perhaps the love story would be about a straight couple.
    5) To much emphasis is being placed upon the above fact,
    ultimatly the film is about the sport.
    6) Why are people so incapable of seeing the film for what it is,
    A sports film, where the romance happens to be between 2 women
    as that is what it is. OPENMIND people look past the gay
    and see the film you may just enjoy it.
    that is all !!
    if any of what i have said is wrong please correct me i do not mind. :)

  • Nikki

    Not all women athletes are lesbian, but not all people are straight. Im happy to see movies being made to appease everyone. It looks like a love story. A love of soccer.

  • Sharie

    I’m so looking forward to this film! People make films they are passionate about. (usually and hopefully) That’s what this film is. Its a beautiful story. Go to or to read pieces from the script. You can also go to to listen to the reading from the cast. After watching the Pre-games with many of the cast members you get to notice that this is also in a way their story too. It isn’t about lesbians its a love story of life, soccer, and people. That is what is important. It could be between a male and female and still be a great film, but this happens to be Mel Robertson’s story (the director) and her first love was a woman, soccer, and life. I can’t wait. This is a story that needs to be told.

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