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Unseen Footage, Interviews Of Madonna Making “Desperately Seeking Susan” Released

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 12.49.32 PMEarlier this year, we were being inundated with a treasure trove of previously-unreleased Madonna footage, including outtakes from her groundbreaking videos for “Vogue” and “Rain.” But the brief drought has ended with a half-hour video recorded (uploaded to Rutube, a web video streaming service targeted to Russian speakers) during the filming in 1984 of Desperately Seeking Susan, which many fans still consider Madonna’s best acting performance.

The footage includes scenes being rehearsed and filmed, Madonna’s makeup being retouched and the star in an interview that shows her renowned self-confidence in full display. Asked if Susan was just a one-shot acting performance, Madonna laughs and replies, “No, it’s the beginning of a long career.”

Hardcore fansite Madonnarama offers some further insight:

Shot for a French production company in October 1984, this unedited video shows Madonna, Rosanna Arquette & Susan Seidelman shooting exterior scenes (Penn Station, Pytha temple, Newspaper office) in New York. The footage also includes Madonna and Susan Seidelman interviews, plus some images from the Los Angeles movie premiere.

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Watch the vintage action below.

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