Hero Worship: New LGBT Comic-Book Characters Are Here To Save The Day

Bunker (Teen Titans)

A new character introduced in DC’s rebooted continuity (dubbed “The New 52”), Bunker is Miguel Barragan, a well-adjusted Mexican teen whose village is accepting of both his sexuality and his powers. Bunker’s optimistic outlook has gotten him into trouble, but also saved the day a few times. He’s also begun to forge a friendship with Superboy, but we don’t know that we’d call it a bromance just yet.

Current status: It was announced at San Diego Comic Con that Bunker left behind a comatose boyfriend, who will be waking up in an upcoming issue of Teen Titans. We look forward to that reunion—as long as it has more kissing than punching!


Starling (Birds of Prey)

Another addition to DC’s New 52, Starling (Evelyn Crawford) is an old college friend of Black Canary with an  interesting life: She mysteriously ended up on several government watch-lists, acquired skills in firearms and demolitions, and has a vast intelligence network at her disposal. Not much is known about Starling’s past but she was depicted in a tender embrace with a woman named June, which writer Duane Swierczynski said was “more than a hint” that Crawford was bisexual or lesbian.

Current status: Kicking ass and taking names in the current Birds of Prey.


 Sir Ystin (Demon Knights)

Introduced by Grant Morrison in DC’s 2005 miniseries Seven Soldiers, Sir Ystin, a.k.a. the Shining Knight, started out as Ystina, a female admirer of Sir Galahad who disguised herself as a man to fight in the doomed battle to save Camelot. He reappeared in the current series Demon Knights, fighting evil alongside an actual demon, a Muslim alchemist, a tarot-card reader, an exiled Amazon and others.

Coming from a much earlier era, Ystin doesn’t really discuss his gender or how he feels about it, but he presents himself as, and is generally referred to as, male. Sir Ystin is perhaps the only implicitly trans characters in a current Marvel or DC series.

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  • Allen D.

    I read comics from my closeted days. Dropped out probably 15 years ago. Once Kevin Keller came around, I got back into the fold. DC’s “Earth 2”, Astonishing X-Men, X-Factor, etc are back in my life & I’m pretty happy about it.

    So, yay!

  • Allen D.

    I guess what my drunken ass forgot to say was –

    Some people will comment and say that the comic book companies are just pandering for sales. But, I really respect how the gay storylines & characters have been handled. I wish there had been ‘out’ characters in my closeted years.

  • jogproof

    there is some pandering for sales but top ones are just lgbt like people are not just for sales.

  • Superman

    [Page 2] That Wiccan’s ass is just as round and luscious as I remember it…

  • jogproof

    @Superman: hopefully we will get more of that in the new books

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