UPDATE: Barnes & Noble Pulls “Sissy” Calendar Off Website

After Queerty and other blogs noted that Barnes & Noble and Amazon were selling the heinous “I’m Not Gay, I’m Just a Sissy” calendar on its website—and media watchdog GLAAD came a knocking—B&N pulled the product from its site. (It was never available in stores).

According to communications director Rich Ferraro, GLAAD has also reached out to Amazon to pull the item. But, as the Daily Kos reports, a representative from Amazon said that further customer feedback against the calendar would be necessary for it to be removed from the site.

Well, lets give them that feedback!

You can reach customer relations at Amazon at [email protected].


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  • ChrisM

    AGAIN, Queerty, that is not the correct email address to reach Amazon.

    Here are some numbers:
    Amazon.com Corporate Offices: (206) 622-2335? (CEO Jeff Bezos)
    Amazon.com Public Relations: (206) 266-7180
    Amazon.com Customer Service: (206) 266-2335

    and if you’d rather submit online feedback, go to amazon.com/customerservice, click
    Contact Us” under General Support, click “Skip sign-in”, and fill out a comment.

    Also curious, how much more “customer feedback” do they need when 99% of 500 people are giving it 1 star and leaving disappointed comments? Maybe the “customer feedback” they are looking for is a little more time to garner heightened profits from the controversy….

  • Rational

    I just wrote to Amazon, using the email address you posted and received the following email immediately after clicking ‘send’
    “Thanks for writing to Amazon.com. Unfortunately, the e-mail address [email protected] is no longer in use.”
    It looks as if they don’t want to receive any kind of email.

  • Cam

    The feedback on Amazon for the product is pretty bad, it’s rated one star. So it looks like people are responding.

  • ellen

    Done on the website. If they had any clue hoe much I spend on kindle downloads (and multiply) they might pay attention

  • Damian

    It is offensive to suggest that gay men are “sissies” and that they are anything other than men. So, after we get this calendar pulled, let’s also agree to stop lumping gay men in with crossdressers and transsexuals as in LGBT. Also, let’s top referring to gays as “queer” as this website does regularly.

  • steve sydney

    Is/was it… suppose to be funny??

  • FreddyMertz

    Mister man is none to happy about all the hoopla….lol. I love it when people start screaming freedom of speech and not knowing what the Constitutions states. Yes, you have freedom of speech..but not from consumers telling you to STFU!

  • Hyhybt

    So… am I the only person left who *doesn’t* think products I dislike should be unavailable to those who do like them, even if they express ideas I find offensive?

  • CBRad

    @Damian: That’s a pretty good point. Why does Queerty, on one hand, tell us to be offended at gay men being equated to effeminacy, but on the other hand tries to lump us in with trannies ?

  • Kieran

    DAMN!! You’re not even allowed to call gay people “sissies” anymore without getting a guaranteed public spanking and shaming. What is America coming to? Just like Rick Santorum predicted, those insidious gays are slowly taking over the country.

  • Chad

    @Hyhybt: I agree, I found the whole thing to be offensive also, BUT, taking it off the shelves because we don’t like it is a form of censorship which I disagree with. It’s no different than when christians want to ban something because it goes against their religious freedoms.

  • R.A.

    Don’t worry.

    King can always get a job illustrating Ron Paul’s old newsletters.

  • lotusmoon

    I find this whole episode deeply disturbing. It wasn’t too long ago that our adversaries were pushing to have LGBT content taken off the shelves – it was very difficult to find that content. Now we are essentially doing the same thing to the other side?

    Its a fucking calendar people. And not a very good one at that.

  • MikeE

    @lotusmoon: No.
    There is a VERY fundamental difference between the two examples you cite.

    In one, people unaffected by the literature in question, are demanding it be removed. They are using “moralilty” arguments to justify the censorship of material that does not necessarily fall into the “morally questionable” category.

    In the other, people directly assaulted by the “literature” in question, being insulted, and demeaned by it, are demanding that the offensive item be removed.

    Christian fundamentalists cannot have all LGBT material removed just because THEY are against it.

    But ANY minority group that is attacked in a publication of ANY sort, has the full right – and duty – to demand the retraction of the offensive material.

  • Cam

    @Hyhybt: said…

    “So… am I the only person left who *doesn’t* think products I dislike should be unavailable to those who do like them, even if they express ideas I find offensive?”

    Funny, this product is still available on his website. This is not becoming unavailable. Gays are expressing that we can go to a retailer that doesn’t sell it. They have responded. That is the good old capitalism that the Tea Party and the GOP says is the cornerstone of America. They can hardly complain about it now.

  • MikeE

    I have canceled a number of pre-orders from Amazon.com, and left feedback on why I did so.

    I will not be purchasing from Amazon.com until this issue is resolved.

  • DMallory

    Here is a message I crafted and sent:

    To whom it may concern:

    I find the fact that you are promoting and selling the “I’m Not Gay, I’m Just a Sissy” calendar not only insensitive but potentially detrimental to young GLBT individuals. In light of the bullying epidemic that is leading to the deaths of many young GLBT kids, I can hardly believe that as a company, you are promoting and profiting from ammunition such as this calendar that will likely be used to further insult, humiliate and harm GLBT men, women and children.

    All I ask is that you act responsibly to be part of the solution to harmful discriminatory fodder and not part of the problem. The potential “profit” you may gain from tacitly accepting and promoting this calendar could quite simply leave blood on your hands. Martin Luther Kink once said that at then end of time, what we will remember most is the silence of our friends rather than the voice of our enemies. Which will you be?


  • Fitz

    I really didn’t have the same reaction as a lot of folks.
    I mean– it’s a stupid and offensive POS, but I don’t want
    to tell someone that they CAN’T have it. I buy lots of books
    that the right-wingnuts probably find insulting and offensive.
    That’s why it’s a bookstore, not Fitz’ book store, you know?

  • JayKay

    I’ll take the outrage over this seriously when the same left-wing PC radicals that want this thing banned stop referring to gay men as “queer” and stop insisting that we belong under the same umbrella as transvestites, transsexuals, and the transgendered. This calendar is no more vile and offensive than any of that.

  • Jim

    What I wonder in all of this is, who the hell buys this shit?

  • MikeE

    @Jim: apparently JayKay does.

  • MikeE

    @Jim: apparently, JayKay does.

  • Sean

    Nobody is saying this untalented asshole can’t ever sell his shit. He can still freely sell his calendars at a lemonade stand in front of his house.

    All we are saying is that he won’t be allowed to sell his stereotypical anti-gay bigotry at any stores or websites that wish to do business with the gay community.

  • Bill T.

    @ DMallory – please tell me you did not send that email to Amazon with the typo ‘Martin Luther Kink’ in it…

  • MikeE


    it would seem that both Amazon.com (US) and Amazon.ca (Canada) are no longer listing this item.

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