UPDATE: Maine’s Rep David Burns: Gay Marriage Is About ‘Selfish Needs’


Maine’s Rep. David Burns, quoting the Bible while testifying on the Maine House floor (rush transcript): “Marriage between one man and woman is a basic building block for society. … I don’t believe this [bill] is about love and equality. I believe this is in fact of recognition and legitimization of … a tiny segment of our society for selfish needs. … Many of us accept gay and lesbian people on their own personal merits … but we do disdain the destruction of the institution of marriage. That is what this bill is all about. … This will have a far reaching and negative impact on our children, parents, education, religion. … Please vote no on this.”

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  • Mark

    Please vote Rick Burns out of office. We’re 9 years into the 21st century.

    Rick wasn’t aware of that.

  • Jerry Priori

    God is just pretend. The bible has no place in influencing civil laws.


  • anon

    Jerry, I laughed at your last line…awesome.

    yeah, there is no gov’t endorsed religion, so adding religion to any discussion about legalizing gay marriage is pointless. at least to those with half a brain.

    said it before, I’ll say it again. the biggest “threat” to the institution of marriage is DIVORCE. and some of these f-ing hypocrites in congress have been married and divorced multiple times. so MORAL of them, ain’t it?

  • Kdogg

    WOW, Biggots in the HOUSE!!

    Main House of Representatives to be exact.

    So separation of church in state must mean nothing to him also… oh and selfish… I think selfish comes in when people like Rep David Burns refuses to accept that someone is born gay. Does he realize thousands commit suicide every year because of statements like this exact one. How selfish of us to desire to be treated as normal human beings.

  • Bob

    I’m so over it with Christians. I mean…really…what an incredible bunch of assholes…starting with that goddam Pope Prick.

  • strumpetwindsock

    I know it’s kind of pointless to repeat it, but not all Christians are anti-gay or even anti-gay marriage (and if they are in the majority it probably won’t be for long).

  • rick

    @Mark: that would be 8 years. it did’nt start until 2001.

  • Blond-Dog

    These homophobic bigots display massive ignorance of the teachings of Jesus and the US Constitution. They are a disgrace to the human race. Shame on them!

  • getreal

    @Blond-Dog: I agree completely!

  • Chelsea

    What a friggin douche bag. May I just apologize on behave of Maine. Despite his title, he does not represent the feelings of most Mainers I know.

    Next time he comes up for vote, i’m going to actively work to stop him gaining re-election.

  • Joanaroo

    Another christian asshole-Surprise! Surprise!

  • Calithlin

    I am against gay-marriage. The point of the benefits for marriage is to encourage a healthy socioty and a replenishing one (i.e. reproduction). Such benefits would be wasted on a group of people which are unable to produce for the country.

    Moral issues aside.

  • ZJ

    @Calithlin: So, make marriage licenses contingent upon fertility tests?

  • scott ny'er

    @Calithlin: WTF? Seriously, that doesn’t make any sense. Where did you find this reasoning of what marriage is about?

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