Chew the Fat

UPDATE: Meet the Chubby-Chaser Gay Couple From MTV’s True Life

There’s a preview clip out of True Life‘s gay chubby chaser episode, airing this Wednesday at 9pm. It actually doesn’t look too bad. They do exoticize the idea of a fat gay man—the elusive bear!—a bit too much, though. And it’s kind of weird how they don’t even give chubby chaser Justin’s heavyset boyfriend, Josh, a chance to speak, like he’s a mute.

We do hear a lot from Justin, who says he feels safe with a bear, “because of his size.” He continues, “I like feeling dwarfed by this individual. A protector, almost.”

That sounds a bit objectifying, but okay.

Here’s the press release about the ep:

For many people looking for romance, ‘fat’ can be considered a four letter word. For some, however, their motto seems to be “the bigger, the better.” On this episode of True Life, you’ll meet a young man who desires an obese mate while struggling to find acceptance in a society that immortalizes 6-pack abs.Justin loves the sense of security he gets from his super-sized boyfriend, Josh, but fears that his conservative parents dismiss their relationship as a fetish. Justin wants to marry Josh and is determined to get his family’s blessing before they walk down the aisle. Viewers will watch as Justin tries to convince his parents that his feelings for Josh are real.

All they want to do is love the one they’re with, but find that they must overcome the large hurdles to make their relationships work.

Stayed tuned this summer, when True Life airs the episodes “I Want to be Straight” and “I’m No Longer Gay.”

We wish we were kidding.