UPDATE: Nikolai Alexeyev Apparently Quits Gay Russian Activism After Michael Lucas Article

lucas-v-alexeyevAfter gay porn maven Michael Lucas wrote an op-ed for Out.com discrediting Nikolai Alexeyev (or Alekseev) — Russia’s most prominent LGBT rights activist — Alexeyev took to Twitter and threatened to sue Lucas.

Alexeyev was feared missing or crazy after a series of bizarre posts on his Facebook a few weeks ago in which he claimed he hated the West. Lucas, as a gay Jew who grew up in Russia, argues that Alexeyev has been either bought off or coerced into becoming  the Kremlin’s “pocket gay.” Either way, Lucas writes, “he can no longer be trusted as an advocate for LGBT Russians.”

Lucas points to an August 23 interview during which Alexeyev said there was no persecution of gays in Russia and the Western media had basically made it all up. However, for the past eight years, Alexeyev has dedicated himself to the cause of LGBT rights in Russia, often reaching out to the West — and the Western media — for support. Therefore, his sudden about-face leads Lucas to think of the Russian Anti-Zionist Committee — a group of Soviet Jews charged with selling the Kremlin’s anti-Semitic policies to Jews, who for some reason, wanted to get the fuck out of the country:

If “gays are the new Jews” in Russia, as many people have said, then Nikolai Alexeyev is the new Anti-Zionist Committee. Russia is desperate again: The upcoming Sochi Olympics are important to Putin’s sense of his standing in the world, and the international campaign against Russian homophobia is staining them more every day. This campaign is working, and Russia knows it. What better way to slow this movement’s momentum — and to confuse and discourage those in the West who have working for it — than for its most visible advocate to minimize its importance and dismiss it as a Western, anti-Russian plot?

This besmirching of his good name did not sit well with Alexeyev, who tweeted this salvo to Lucas:

Nikolai Alexeyev and Michael Lucas Twitter Response


Between Nick Gruber and now Nikolai Alexeyev, there’s nary a lace front in sight because Michael Lucas is snatching all of the wigs.

UPDATE: Alexeyeev is apparently quitting activisim altogether, blaming Michael Lucas in a series of Twitter and Facebook posts:





In an email, Lucas referred to the developments as “very sad,” noting, “Another voice silenced by the Kremlin.”

UPDATE 2: And now, Alekseyev has threatened to kill Lucas:


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  • Stache1

    I’ve heard him (Nikolai Alexeyev) do an interview on a Russian News segment before. He’s a spittle crazed dude that their media loves to interview because he makes the Gay side look really bad.

    That ol saying “with friends like these who needs enemies” comes to mind.

  • Polaro

    Michael Lucas…he is a pain in the ass. I made a joke. Anyway, I love him and I hate him. I guess we really should be dating.

  • EdWoody

    I wouldn’t believe Michael Lucas if he said rain was wet.

  • Polaro

    Anyone know what it costs to “date” Michael Lucas these days? (Another joke. I crack myself up. Where are my meds?)

  • Cam

    The issue is, the guy does sound nuts, he has given bizzare interviews where he did say that there is no gay persecution in Russia, his postings were contradictory etc…

    Whatever anybody thinks of Lucas, he seemed pretty on the money on this one.

  • TheMarc

    Wow, I have to side with Michael Lucas on this one. It’s a serious blow to Alexeyev’s credibility that because Michael Lucas questioned his credibility, he withdraws all of his cases at the ECHR. Who does that? Why would you purposely set a cause that you claim is near and dear to your heart back by 5-7 years because some guy in America doubts your sincerity? So what?! Anyone in the public eye as an activist is going to inevitably have their motives questioned at one point or another; even by other activists.

    And though I’m not the biggest Michael Lucas fan, I have to say I trust his perspective on this. More so than others.

  • MK Ultra

    Alekseev is no longer credible. Anything he says can be considered to come from the mouth of the Kremlin.
    Neither are the reports from “Russian LGBT” that they don’t want Western intervention. That is Kremlin propaganda.
    If not for outside intervention, there is no hope for LGBTs in Russia.

  • adfeldman

    The day after Alexeyev’s apartment is raided and his electronics are confiscated, he suddenly says that he is shutting down his Twitter account, shutting down his Facebook account, resigning from Moscow Pride, withdrawing all of his international human-rights lawsuits, giving no more interviews, and giving up gay activism. If you think this is really about Michael Lucas’s article then you are fooling yourself. It’s obvious that this man is being silenced by the Kremlin, using an article in the Western media as a pretext. Alexeyev has always been a loose cannon, but he has done a lot of important work and it is very sad to see this happen. Russia is becoming more totalitarian by the day.

  • 2eo

    So far we’ve ignored the single most obvious fact. Alexeyev’s Twitter posts were made using the Kremlin’s wifi.

  • zappa123

    Is it not illegal to issue death threats through social media? I most certainly feel that ‘gay’ IS THE NEW ‘jew’ and that Russia at this time reminds me way too much of Germany not soooo long ago. :( Frightening for the world not just Russians. I really hope ther eis a change of heart and mind with the IOC. I think it is reprehensible to hold an international world class competition in a country who loudly admits hatred and persecution of any group of citizens. VANCOUVER PEOPLE! Canada is ready to host again so that nobody has to be deprived of their Olympic dream and nobody has to face hatred and possible imprisonment by going to Russia. Also, I hate the thought of Putin and his SMUG FACE being on my TV screen – he does not DESERVE

  • zappa123

    oops wrong key! he does not DESERVE to have the Games held in his Country full of hatred.

  • zappa123

    I SO AGREE WITH YOU. The WORLD should be stepping in………. I guess it will take the Kremlin gassing its LGBT community before the rest of the world gives a s…….t. :(

  • dab822

    michael lucas is spot on…do not doubt it. that happens her in the USA as well as the EU for that and any other reason that a powerful/rich individual thinks it could provide benefit

  • Deepdow

    I have love and much respect for Michael Lucas.

  • Dakotahgeo

    This sounds, oh so Focus on the Family, et al… I’m quite sure the world will continue spinning without Alexypoo and his coveted GLBT title! What a Russian hoot!

  • WBrianG

    First of all, who gives a crap what Lucas says. Does he live in Russia any longer ? He knows the oppression that every Russian can join in to persecute. Actually, there are still a number of nations (even parts of America) where Gays are considered anyone’s target. Fundamental Christians; whether Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant can all join in on calling for our annihilation. Muslims and a few Jews are in the same boat.

    As an Orthodox Christian, and a formerly active Orthodox clergyman, I would encourage ANYONE who is living in Russia and trying in ANY way shape or form to stand up for Gay rights. Just read the pages of this magazine to see what news they are covering in Russia. Its open season on Gays. How can anyone of any faith condemn what GOD has created. And if you are godless, then shame on you to even contemplate inequality of any human being.

    Nikolai, if you are out there reading this, please contact me. I am making a trip to Moscow and would like to meet you and raise awareness of the plight of the LGBT community. “Bozhe, prostetie mya z greshnago”. Sign me, Ot. B

  • Kangol

    What a mess. The fact that Alexeyev is reduced to threatening a contract kill on Lucas, though, undermines whatever case he was trying to make.

  • imperator

    Every time I see a statement with his name on it, Lucas comes off as a fucking dimwit. Alekseev, on the other hand, I saw in a documentary– Beyond Gay; the Politics of Pride– wherein a Vancouver Pride organizer visited some less gay-friendly countries around the world to see what people were risking there in order to observe their own Pride events. And Russia was fucking bleak. Alekseev’s got the bruises to show for his activism, and given the recent social media turn, I’m seriously concerned that he’s been disappeared and his accounts hijacked by Putin’s thugs. Cue Lucas saying something stupid, like the self-absorbed dingbat he is, and we go off on this ‘rival drama queens’ tangent– it’s a *distraction.* Any talk of how to rebuke or sanction Russia for its recent spate of despicable homophobic legislating should include calls for proof that Alekseev isn’t being imprisoned and fucking tortured.

  • DarthKitsune

    As a Porn Impresario, Mr Lucas can eat me, but as a catty Queen who just happens to be totally right, I’m firmly in his jockstrap.

  • Matt G

    despite Michael Lucas being an extreme narcissist and a bit of a turd ferguson he did a good one exposing this takeover and replacement by the kremlin…. the guy’s tweets came from the kremlin’s wifi? Sloppy work, people. Him stopping any action because of Michael Lucas’ piece is beyond ridiculous and anyone with half a brain could tell it’s a good cover to comply with what the kremlin wants him to do which is shut up and go away.

  • dab822

    ok i regret my comment

  • Faggot

    @adfeldman: Indeed. One wonders why Andrei Lvovich Treivas (aka Michael Lucas) is unable to see this. It would seem that in the wake of his recent soap opera skirmish with Nick Gruber (on Fire Island at ML’s party) and Nick’s subsequent day in the limelight (release of his tell-all book about his life with Calvin Klein), Lucas is trying to make himself relevant again by denigrating (yet) another homosexual. Perhaps Lucas could have reached out to Russia’s most prominent LGBT activist, Nikolai Alexeyev.

    Lucas is right on the money when he sees gays as the (new) Jews in Russia. It’s a shame that he couldn’t collaborate with Alexeyev to show this to the rest of the world. People have no idea how horrible it has been to be Jewish or gay in Russia. But Lucas certainly knows what it’s like to be both there.

  • mezzacanadese

    I know Nikolai, and these recent comments do not sound like him at all. He would never quit the cause. He has gone through so much in his fight, why would he quit now?

  • Dev.C

    This whole thing is F**King bizarre, Of course Lucas has a point about this guys visible actions from outside Russia, but
    that country seems to be getting worse by the minute, I wouldn’t be surprised if Putin is building a secret concentration camp to snatch up and throw gay citizens into, like some monster in the night.
    Why doesn’t any one question the mental health of the individuals who want to burn us at the stake like some dark age mob?

  • auntsharon

    @mezzacanadese: “why would he quit now?” Perhaps because they’re threatening not only him, but his 72 year old mother as well. I don’t know if there’s any objective way of judging this, but it seems that things in Russia are getting as dark as Germany 1933-38. I feel ??????????? ???? right around the corner.

  • BrandoPolo

    Duckface Lucas’s only real talent is promoting himself as a self-made mogul, and getting people to fall for this crap, when he is really and escort turned kept man — all of us could be porn moguls if we had a millionaire sugar daddy willing to let us spend indiscriminately. Duckface has talent only for running his mouth from the safety of Chelsea, New York — he is not out there on the ground in Russia (or in America for that matter) doing to real work of equality.

    Duckface is going to get this man — a *real* activist who has to make *real* compromises and sacrifices — killed. I want Duckface to return to Russia running his platypus lips and see how far he gets. The most annoying gay in New York just got more annoying.

  • Stache1

    @BrandoPolo: Yes everything you say is absolutely true but kind of a mean way to say it. Had me cracking up though. Lol

  • Stache1

    @Horse Lips: Who took all this electronic equipment. Therefore you damn well know who’s behind the tweets.

  • Brisbane123

    what the fuck happened Russia? did you never have the ball in the first place?

  • Brisbane123

    @adfeldman: Yep :( disaster.

  • Brisbane123

    @zappa123: Gay is the new Jew? OMG! Does this mean we can start a country somewhere? Yay!

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