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  • John


  • bobito

    I suppose he’ll defend his choice of words by explaining that he calls a spade a spade.

  • flightoftheseabird

    We all know that Republicans are racists. At least they are admitting it now.

  • John

    Well I guess with a sissy name like Lynn, he has to try and talk tough.

    He ought to be ashamed of himself. I’m sure he’ll be apologizing.

  • Kevin

    He’s a white man in Georgia approaching 60 years old. Not possible the expression was an accident. I can see some young guy in the Pacific Northwest being ignorant of the historical implications of that term, but not a guy from Georgia who was a teen and young adult during the Civil Rights Movement of the 60s. Obviously and deliberately fueling racist flames.

    And who’s elitist? Obama, born to middle class parents who were student, who put himself through law school, worked hard, made money off of writing a few books (without ghost writers), and bought a single home (albeit a very nice one). Or McCain, who almost flunked out of college, but dumped his wife to marry an heiress worth an estimated $100 million, who had to buy her own plane to travel around the fairly small state of Arizona?

    I’m sorry…which is the elitist one?

  • James


    You need to send me some cash to repair my computer. After I read your comment my tasty beverage was all over the screen!

  • Chuck

    You may remember Lynn Westmoreland from his highly entertaining appearance on “The Colbert Report,” during which he discussed his sponsorship of a bill to require the display of the Ten Commandments in courthouses, the House and the Senate. Then Colbert asked him:

    Stephen Colbert: What are the Ten Commandments?

    [Deer in headlights look.]

    Lynn Westmoreland: What are all of them?

    SC: Yes.

    LW: You want me to name them all?

    SC: Yes.

    LW: Uhhh.

    LW: Ummmm. Don’t murder. Don’t lie. Don’t steal. Ummmmm.

    LW: I can’t name them all.

  • emb

    I’ve totally lost my sense of humor about the repubs; now I just hate them.

  • crazylove

    I find his honesty refreshing. The problem these days is that racism is underground. There is always some plausible explaination other than racist. I am not a racist. He just lacks experience. Or whatever else one can think up. if you are black and professional in this country- this sort of stuff is par for the course.

  • Independence of Thought

    And we are all “swishy” I know what and how they think of anyone who is different from what a Republican sees in the mirror. I wish they didn’t hate me, but I know they do. I don’t hate them or anyone else. That is what is important.

  • Laura Bush

    Why is birthing up a retard sopposed to be such an accomplishment for Palin?

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Kevin, you are spot on but the Pacific NorthWest is somewhat progressive and we will be hearing many coded words from the party of codification (Remember, the terrorist threat levels and how they would always elevate just before an election?) and we will hear words come back to haunt us like “Elitist” and “Bitter.” I live in New York and I find this town to be the most racially divided place I’ve lived in (yet there are many progressives, too.) The Republicans intend to win this election and they will (not might) play the Race Card! It’s what they do. We Gays know better than anyone what is has been like to be the Pinata in an election cycle.

  • Mr C

    Well Seitan,

    I’m born and raised in NYC Bklyn to be exact. And it has been “Racially Divided” as far as assimilation of cultures however it’s not how it is in the south. The South is racist Plain and Simple.

    New York is and will always be BLUE regardless!

  • Michael

    There are 3 kinds of Republicans and some cross all lines to various degrees.
    1. The fundamentalist, religious nut case.
    2. The wealthy and upper middle class wannabes who would rather see people go without healthcare, children poorly educated and a soaring deficit than to pay their fair share in taxes.
    3. The white trash redneck, self loathing homosexual old money
    wannabe, and the self loathing person of color who desperatel
    thinks that if they had been born white they would be someone.

    And all 3 types are usually racist, because they are usually white!
    Its the white mans exclusive club that is trying to keep its stranglehold on power and control.

  • Tom

    I’m generally not a violent person, but someone needs to send an “uppity” foot up his redneck ass.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Mr C (this week) but I know your Keystrokes!

    New York is Purple these days! Hello, Bridge and Tunnel Conservative (read: AntiGay) Democrats like Barron and Diaz, 2 decades of Republican Mayors. A shaky Governor in Dem rule and Gay Marriage likely to be voted down by Democrats when both houses go Blue and both Dem Senators not signed on to Gay Marriage.

    New York: Rarely Blue…

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